Zehna Pistol Take Down

The Zehna pistol, of 6.35 mm. caliber, was designed by Emil Zehner in about 1919-1920 and prototype forms were made in 1920 and perhaps in early 1921. When commercially produced, in mid-1921, the pistol differed somewhat from the prototypes. It was manufactured by the Zehner Metallwarenfabrik at Suhl, Germany. While it appears to have been moderately successful its production seems to have ceased somewhere around 1928. It appears in the 1927 Genschow Catalog but is not in the 1928 edition.

The Zehna is remarkably like the Mod. I Schmeisser, sometimes referred to as the 1920 Mod., which in fact pre-dates the Zehna by only a year or so. The Schmeisser pistol was manufactured by C. G. Haenel, also of Suhl. The similarity of the two pistols may have had something to do with the termination of production of the Zehna. Though the similarity is great the two are not identical as to dimensions, as will be seen from the data in Table 56.

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