HK G xmm Holdout

This is the new assault rifle of the Bundeswehr (German armed forces), also offered for export by Heckler & Koch. The G36 series is a modular system, bit like the U.S. Stoner system or the Austrian Steyr AUG, capable of being fitted as a carbine (G36K), an assault rifle (G36) or a LMG (MG36). Unlike earlier H&K roller-locking rifles, it uses a rotating-bolt action similar to the AR-18 but more refined. The operating system eliminates gas and powder fouling being blown back into the receiver (this has been the biggest problem with the M16-series), making the rifle more reliable. H&K claims that 5,000 rounds can be fired without cleaning the weapon. Cleaning is also very easy. The G36 has very user-friendly and ergonomic controls, plus it is completely ambidextrous. The Gewehr 36 used by the Germans has no iron sights, only a 3.5x scope (Acc +1) with rangefinding reticle and an electronic red-dot reflex sight (powered by ambient light or batteries, SS 11 when used). The export model (G36E/G36KE, pictured) has a 1.5x scope and nonadjustable backup iron sights. The scopes are interchangeable, so the export weapon can be had with a 3.5x scope if desired. The scope mount can be fitted with a Hensoldt non-magnifying third-generation passive night vision scope. The G36 uses 30-round magazines made of transparent plastic, but can also use a Beta 100-round drum magazine (see MG36). An underbarrel mount can be fitted with either a folding bipod or a tactical light. Trigger group can be had with a selector for single shots and 2- or 3-round bursts and/or full auto. A semi-automatic only "law enforcement" version is forthcoming. The G36 comes equipped with a folding stock (Holdout -4, SS 11 (10 if using the Bundeswehr reflex sight) and Acc 7 when folded). The G36K (Holdout -5) carbine is Holdout -3, SS 10, Acc 6 and Rcl -2 (bursts only) with the stock folded, cannot mount a bayonet or launch rifle grenades.

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