Vaime Super Silenced Rifle Mk x mm subsonic Holdout

This Finnish sniper rifle features an integrally silenced barrel. A bolt-action weapon, it fires subsonic 7.62x51mm (.308 Win) ammunition: the result is an almost non-existing recoil, a trajectory like a rainbow and a maximum effective range of about 200 yards. The damage is halved for a .30 low-velocity round. The Vaime is very silent (Hearing rolls at -7). It can also fire standard 7.62x51mm ammunition (7d, Acc 11, 1/2D 1,000, Max 4,600, ST11, Rcl -2) without suffering any harm, but the bullet will be heard as it travels at over twice the speed of sound (Hearing rolls at -2). The Vaime uses a 10-round box magazine, and is normally fitted with a 6 power scope (+2 Acc, included in the stats).

Vaime Sniper Rifle

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