Walther WA Win Mag Holdout

Introduced in 1981, the WA-2000 is a highly sophisticated sniper rifle. It is a gas-operated semiautomatic bullpup design, with a heavy free-floating barrel in a rigid frame. The barrel is fluted externally and lies in a straight line with the shoulder to counter muzzle rise. Chambered for the .300 WinMag (according to Walther it was the most accurate round commercially available), no detail has been overlooked in designing the WA-2000: even the 6-round box magazine is designed to protect the rounds from scraping which could affect accuracy. Usually offered with a Schmidt & Bender 2.5-power variable scope (Acc+3), the Walther WA-2000 is also fitted with a large muzzle brake and a folding bipod. However, the WA-2000 is a bit too sophisticated for combat use. Its need of constant tuning and carefull handling makes it more suitable for police, internal security and counter-terrorism sniping than military duty.

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