A Pistol grip

— Replace the plunger in the trigger spring (fig. 108),

— Replace the spring and plunger as shown in figure 107. Compress the trigger spring with finger and swing it upwards.

— Replace the trigger guard in its housing in the frame trigger housing and swing to the rear (fig. 106).

— Replace the pistol grip and nut screw and tighten screw

— Replace the cleaning kit in the pistol grip and secure by inserting the spring detent in its groove in the pistol grip

b) Trigger mechanism

— Replace the sear spring in its housing in the trigger, with the plunger directed forward.

— Replace the trigger {fig. 101); make sure that the trigger plunger is correctly positioned in its notch.

— Position the sear so that the sear plunger fits correctly in its housing.

— Compress the sear spring between thumb and index finger, locating the sear, then replace the trigger and sear axis pin

— Replace the locking plate for the axis pins and make sure that these are correctly secured (fig. 95).

— Replace the index stud and its spring {fig. 90) in the change lever and insert pin.

— Replace the change lever in the frame trigger housing, with the change lever upwards (fig, 88), with a slight pressure turn it to its safety position "S'\

— Replace the hammer spring and its housing on the hammer spring rod.

— Replace the hammer spring rod head in its housing

— Use thumb to compress the hammer spring, pushing it forwards and backwards to locate its housing correctly (fig. 137).

Fal Hammer Spring Assembly


Insert the locking shoulder by hand {fig. 87); push it home as far as possible, then carefully hammer it ¡nto position


— Replace the holding open dev<ce in its housing (fig. 85

— Replace the magaz ne catch; take care to get the spring into its notch m the body; use a screwdriver for this operation (fig. 84 and 83).

— Replace the magazine catch cx<s p»n and screw in (fiq 82 and 81).


— Insert the cocking handle detent and its spring (fig. 80) in their housing.

— Compress these end insert the retaining pin.

— Replace the cocking handle slide on the weapon from the rear (fig. 77); press it lightly against the weapon and push forward.

— Insert the cock ng handle lug (fig. 75) and push fully home.


Insert the safety sear cs shown in figure 73; push it into its housing, making it turn slightly upward, and position it so that the holes for the frame-receiver joint pin coincide.


— Insert the trigger frame in its housing in the receiver (fig. 72); make sure that the safety sear is in the right position.

— Insert the joint pin from the right side of the weapon (fig. 71).

N. B. — If the seating of the safety sear is not in clignment, use the nose of a cartridge to centre it correcly.

— Insert the reta ner pin from the left side of the rifle (fig. 69) and screw firmly, while the rifle is still open (fig. 68).


— Replace the foresight spring (fig. 67) in its housing in the gas block.

— Place the fixing plate over the spring, with the lugs of the plate directed upward (fig. 67).

— Screw in the foresight completely (fig. 66 ond 65) and make sure that the clamps of the spring plate come down correctly in the ribs of the gas block.

— Unscrew the number of clicks required, os noted when stripping.


— Replace the sling swivel band (fig. 64) and tighten.

— Replace the front sling swivel ond its screw (fig. 63 and 62).


a) Gos cylinder

— Replace the gas tube nut and gas regulator sleeve on the gas cylinder.

— Screw the cylinder to the gos block (fig. 60) and then unscrew slightly so that the two gas ports in the cylinder are directed downwards.

— Replace the gas tube retaining pin and push fully home.

— Use the special spanner (fig. 58) to tighten the gas tube nut and clomp it correctly.

b) Gas regulator sleeve

N. B. — The gas regulator sleeve will already be over the gas cylinder, as it has to be replaced before the cylinder is screwed to the gas block.

— Replace the gas regulator sleeve spring; use a screwdriver to push the ends of the spring into their housing in the gas block (fig. 138).

— Screw the gos regulator sleeve fully home after passing it over the sleeve spring (fig. 55).

— Unscrew to obtain the original setting.

Fal Gas Regulator
Fig. 138


— Replace one of the two bands on the handle axis and push it into the second axis groove.

— Then replace a washer, the handle and the other washer.

— Replace the second band ond push into the first axis groove (fig. 54).

— Replace the carrying handle assembly in its housing on the body (fig. 53).

— Tighten the nut securing the gas tube and carrying handle.


— Replace both handguard sections, first fixing them in their socket (fig. 51) and then bringing them in against the barrel.

- Screw in position and tighten the handguard screw (fig.50).


— Put the extractor spring and buffer bcck into its housing in the plunger.

Place this assembly in its housing in the breech block (fig 49).

Using the nose of a cartridge, or preferably the special stripping and assembly tool provided (fig. 48), compress the extractor spring fully and hold it in this position.

Placc the extractor in its housing in the breech block.

Let the plunger come back under the action of its spring.


Replace the piston spring on the piston rod (fig. 46).

Replace the piston and its spring in the gas cylinder (fig. 45).

Insert the gas plug, compressing the piston spring, with the big end of the plunger turned towards the barrel (fig 44).

When the gas plug is fully home, rotate it one-e;ghth of a turn, so that the letter "A" moves upwards.

Use the nose of a cartridge to push the plunger and rotate so that the letter "A" appears uppermost (fig. 42).

Replace the firing pin spring and the firing pin in the breech block (fig 411; compress the spring by working the firing pin and replace the pin.

Replace the breech block in the slide, inserting the rear port obliquely in the slide (fig. 139).

Exert pressure on the breech block so that the firing pin spring is slightly compressed and the breech block is swung downwards into its correct position in the slide.

Insert the ribs of the cover in the corresponding grooves in the body (fig. 38) and slide the cover fully forward.

Replace the mechonism in the body, inserting the ribs of the slide in the corresponding grooves in the body. When this is done, the breech block should be in its forward position (fig. 140) ond the muzzle of the rifle pointing downwards; the mechanism will then fall into position correctly.

Fal Assault Rifle
Fig. 139

— Close the rifle, still holding the muzzle downwards, to prevent any possibility of the slide rod protruding.

Fal Assault Rifle
Fig. !4U

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