Maintenance by the soldier

This maintenance of the F. N. rifle, caL 7.62 mm. only requires a partial, or field stripping of the weapon and consists of:

— Repeatedly using the cleaning brush to clean the bore; this should be soaked in the special oil provided for this purpose;

— Two or three clean, dry rags should then be run through the bore;

— Cleaning the chamber with the scouring brush;

— Cleaning the slide, rear part of the barrel and inside the receiver;

— Cleaning the breech block, firing pin and its housing;

— Cleaning underneath the extractor claw, without stripping it;

— Stripping the gas plug, piston and piston spring, cleaning these parts thoroughly, as they are exposed to gas fouling;

— Cleaning and running a lightly oiled rag through the gas cylinder;

— Lightly oiling the moving parts.

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