Grenade Launching

1. Flosh-hîder/grenade launcher

The Light Auto Rifle (L.A.R.) is equipped with a new combined device, serving as both flash-hider and grenade launcher; with this fitment, anti-tank and anti-personnel grenades can be launched with great accuracy.

This device consists of a tube, fitted to the muzzle of the barrel, on which the grenade is positioned. A spring retainer holds the grenade in place. Four lines of oblique holes are drilled towards the fore-end of the tube, in a setting designed to eliminate flash (fig. 27).

Fal Grenade
Fig. 27

The fore-end is threaded to take a blank firing device, which is screwed on and secured by pawl and ratchet.

The rear surface is slotted to secure the bayonet.

The pistol-grip allows grenades to be fired in a more comfortable way than is possible with the majority of other weapons. The firer can keep his finger on the trigger; when recoil occurs, the hand on the pistol-grip moves back with the rifle's recoil and the index finger is not exposed to the type of accident which is always feared when firing grenades with other weapons. This safety element is an undoubted advantage, which is conducive to better accuracy when the soldier is firing grenades.

2. Grenade sight

The L.A.R. required specially far grenade firing is fitted with a sight which can be turned down, fixed to a special gas plug, which can easily be substituted for the ordinary plug. The effect of this special gas plug is to suppress gas action on the piston head, when the sight is raised. When the sight is fofded down to the rear, it allows the rifle to be fired normally (fig. 28).

Fal Grenade Sight Plug
Fig. 28

This sight usually has two sets of graduations for firing F. N./STRIM grenades.

The graduation on the left is scaled for distances of 100, 150, 175 and 200 metres for the anti-personnel grenade 32 Z; the other, on the right, is scaled for distances of 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 metres for the anti-tank grenade AC,

For direct firing, sighting is by aligment of the index mark (raised or hollowed) for the distance and the dead centre of the fore-end of the grenade.

For firing at maximum distance (indirect fire), lean the rifle on the heel of the butt, incline at an angle of approx. 45° from the horizontal and turn in the direction required (fig. 35).

Fal Gun Family

Fjg. 29

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