To replace the bolt plug with safety device Replace the

catch of the bolt plug with its spring and fit the safety to the bolt plug. )

Assembling the bolt. - Slip the main spring or. the firing pin. Place the bolt plug on the firing pin; to do this, introduce the rear end of the firing pin in the hole of the bolt plug which serves for the reception of the flattened portion of the firing pin which, by this means, is prevented from turning.

The left hand places the firing pin vertical with its point on a wooden suppoit and keeps the safety wing on the safety up. Press the safety wing with the left thumb until the interrupted ribs on the firing pin aie free. The right hand slips the cocking piece on the firing pin and gives it a quarter of a turn until the grooves are engaged with the ribs on the firing pin. Then the bolt is allowed to slide upward until the stud of the cocking piece enters the groove of the bolt plug.

The right hand screws the bolt plug into the bolt until the spring catch slips into the notch of the bolt plug.

Assembling the extractor. — The extractor is put in by placing ¡he small lugs of the rotating extractor ring between the gas escape openings on the bolt, after which the extractor is put back on the lugs, and simultaneously the claw is lifted and the springy part compressed and pushed on the lugs. By a turn to the left the head of the extractor hook springs into the groove.

Assembling the extractor

When the bolt is being inserted in the body, care must be taken that the extractor stands in the correct position over the right hand lug and the wing of the safety bolt to the left.

7° Replace the sling.

8° Put in and screw the cleaning rod into place.

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