The Case of the Shot Cypriot Doctor

The upper row gives four different views of the fatal bullet This bullet must clearly have been fired through a very tight barrel, as the land engraving is very deep and heavily scored and reaches well above the top of the cannelure, while the striations caused by the groove engraving extend ail round the circumference of the bullet. The lower row shows four similar views of one of the test bullets which was fired from the suspect pistol. This bullet is of exactly the same mean diameter as the fatal bullet, but the difference in the rifling engraving is obvious the identification of firearms i97

His test bullet was engraved by the grooves on one side only, yet it was markedly larger in diameter than the "crime" bullet which, as I have stated,, was engraved all round.

His evidence of identification was supported by photomicrographs of the land engravings of the "crime" bullet and his test bullet. These photographs were taken at a high power, and the direction of illumination was quite different in the photographs of the "crime" bullet from what it was in those of the test bullet. This was obvious from the fact that in one series of photographs the top side of the cannelure was brilliantly illuminated, while in the other set this same side of the cannelure was in deep shade. And even then the striations in the two sets of land engraving were quite different in the two sets of photographs, while owing to the high power at which the photographs were taken they were by no means easy for a non-technical observer to interpret.

The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

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