How To Prepare For Firing

Activate one or both safeties.

NOTE: The carrier larch button is on the left side of the receiver. It releases the bolt when the belt is lacked open.

The chamber of the LAW 12 can be loaded in three different ways:

• The chamber may be loaded before loading the magazine by opening the bolt placing a shell in the receiver and closing the bolt by pushing the carrier latch button on the left side of the receiver

• The chamber may also be loaded by loading the magazine, then operating the bolt to feed a shell from the magazine into the chamber, then loading another shell into the magazine.

• Or the chamber may be loaded by loading the magazine, pushing the magazine cut-off button, opening the bait, placing a shell in the receiver, and closing the bolt by pushing the carrier latch button on the leftside of the receiver CAUTION: IF YOU RELEASE THE MAGAZINE CUT-OFF BUTTON BEFORE CLOSING THE BOLT, THE GUN WILL JAM.

If you leave the magazine cut-off button engaged, the firing of a shot will release it automatically, or you may do it manuolly AFTER the bolt is closed.

With magazine and chamber loaded you are ready to select a safe target move the safeties to 'off safe" and fire. Be sure you have a safe backstop.

THINK! What will you HIT it you MISS the target?


The LAW 12 may be carried with the bolt open, chamber empty, and magazine loaded yet still be instantly readied for firing. To use this feature, engage the magazine cut-off button. Open the bolt It will lock open. When you strike a fairly hard glancing blow to the magazine cut-off button a shell will be released from the magazine, lifted into position and loaded into the chamber as the bolt closes. But use caution. Unless you first put the carry safety lever in the "on safe" position the shotgun is ready to fire when the bolt closes.

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