Some Tips On Firing


When you wish to fire a type of shell not in the magazine, you need not cycle all remaining shells through the action to clear the chamber. Press in the magazine cut-off button. Flip the quick employment safety back to its "on safe" position. Open the bolt by pulling back on the operating handle to eject the shell in the chamber Ploce the desired shell in the receiver and close the bolt by pressing the carrier latch button on the left side of the receiver, NOT THE MAGAZINE CUT-OFF BUTTON,

A jam will occur if you disengage the cut-off button before the bolt closes.

Firing the shot will release the magazine cut-off button. MAGAZINE PLUG

The LAW 12 comes with o nylon rod which limits the mogozine to a capacity of 2 shells. To install it, unscrew the magazine extension and insert the narrow end toward the receiver inside the large magazine spring, Ploce the magazine extension over the wide end of the rod and screw it back onto the magazino tube, Be sure to tighten the magazine extension very firmly.


Because of the dangers of poor or nonexistent quolity control standards among some companies and people who make reloaded ammunition, and the well known fact that dangerous overloads and underloads (squib loads) sometimes occur, we recommend that only good quality factory ammunition be fired in the LAW 12 . If you prepare your own hand bods do not exceed recommended pressures in line with those generated by factory loads as manufactured by Remington, Winchester, Sovereign, Federal or other reputable companies.

You must use loads which provide sufficient energy to ensure reliable operation. These may be standard or magnum bird shot buckshot or slug loads. You may wish to test various combinations of shot charges and powder charges to find a load (or set of loads) which appeals to you. As with any semi-automatic shotgun, the LAW 12 requires firm resistance to the reed I of the gun. for continuous functioning. Place the stock solidly against your shoulder.

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