Other Information About Your Freedom Arms Revolver

1. The front sight on the fixed sight revolver has been left high for you to file down to your individual sighting preference.

2. All exterior screws should be tightened periodically.

3. If the rotation of the cylinder becomes sluggish or sticky, this condition is frequently caused by the build-up of a powder residue between the cylinder and cylinder axis pin. The cylinder axis pin and related holes should be periodically cleaned and lightly oiled with a quality gun oil.

4. Freedom Arms recommends that you do not dry-fire your revolver, as this may damage the firing pin. Freedom Arms has snap caps available for each center-fire caliber.

5. Use only top quality commercially manufactured ammunition in your revolver

6. Use only ammunition which is specifically manufactured for the cylinder in the revolver. For example, " 38 Special" ammunition should not be fired in a cylinder which is chambered for " 357 Magnum" ammunition Using ammunition for which your cylinder is not properly chambered will result in the build up of excess residue in the cylinder chambers, potentially causing a cartridge case to stick in the chamber and thereby causing a dangerous increase in pressures within the cylinder.

7. Do not use reloaded ammunition in your Freedom Arms revolver. Reloaded ammunition may damage your firearm, or may cause serious injury to you or someone else. Using reloaded ammunition in your Freedom Arms revolver will void your warranty,

8 Never attempt to "fan" or otherwise rapidly cock a Freedom Arms revolver, as doing so may cause damage to the cylinder or firing pin and will void your warranty.

9 A key factor in the superb accuracy of your Freedom Arms revolver involves the close fit of the cartridge in the cylinder chamber You must always use clean, high quality ammunition in your Freedom Arms revolver. Some cartridges may require slight manual assistance to seat properly in a cylinder chamber. Very clean cylinder chambers are essential for the proper and reliable functioning of your Freedom Arms revolver.

10. With the purchase of your Freedom Arms revolver you may rest assured that you now own a top quality product which has been designed and manufactured to perform in a very reliable manner. You must not make any unauthorized alteration or modification of this firearm. Not only will that void the warranty, but it very likely will 21

result in making this firearm unsafe to you and those around you. If a Freedom Arms revolver is returned to us for warranty work, for repair, or for any other reason, and we reasonably determine that the revolver has been altered or modified in a manner which renders the revolver unsafe, the revolver will not be returned until we have corrected the alteration or modification at customer expense.

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