Heckler Koch MP Slimline Submachine Guns

Another weapon developed simultaneously with the blowback UMP series of submachine guns. The MP10 continues to use the expensive and accurate roller-lock design of the MP-5 line instead of the much cheaper blowback operation of the UMP series. As with the BMP series, the MP10 was held back from production until 2008 in order to avoid competition with the lower cost UMP series. Only once the UMP was well-established in the paramilitary market was the MP10 announced and released.

The MP10 uses the familiar roller-lock operation of the MP-5, but combines it with a pistol-grip magazine well instead of the traditional placement of the MP-5 magazines in front of the grip assembly. This makes feeding a magazine into the gun easier and simpler in low lighting situations as well as for those not well-trained in the weapon's use. The benefit of a pistol grip magazine well is that a new magazine can be inserted with a quick 'fist-to-fist' motion. To this end, the magazine well is flared at the bottom, making feeding of a new box magazine even easier. Unlike the Heckler & Koch PDWs, however, the MP10 uses an angled magazine feed. This allows the weapon to keep the tell-tale lines of the classic MP-5 series. This also provides a further complication in feeding the ammunition into the chamber cleanly and without significant misfeeds. In order to achieve this, the magazines of the MP10 series are a special trademarked design that flips the round upwards as it feeds it up and forward into the chamber. This makes the feed system operate smoothly as new magazines are stripped from the magazine between shots.

The overall design of the MP10 is very similar to the MP5K, with a short forestock mated to a forward grip to control the weapon in autofire, the preferred role for the gun. In addition, a finger-guard has been mounted just before the forward grip to prevent users from slipping a finger over the barrel - a problem noted with the original MP5K submachine guns, particularly the very short PDW series. The carbon-fiber polymer forestock is embossed and emblazoned

Mp10 Slimline

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