Safety Precautions

1. Do not leave the rifle cocked, even if it is not loaded

2. Make sure that the fire selector lever is on safe "S" position whenever:

a. Firing is terminated.

b. Rifle is being transported or moved.

c. Rifle is not in use

This is to ensure that the rifle is rendered safe and to keep dirt and sand from getting into the ejection port.

3. If jamming occurs while firing, remove magazine before carrying out any inspection. Loading and Unloading of a Magazine

1. Loading: Hold magazine in your left hand (follower facing upwards) and support it on your knee. Hold cartridges with right hand. Place cartridge in follower, press cartridge with right thumb. Load magazine with cartridges.

2. Unloading: Hold magazine with your left hand (follower facing upwards and back of magazine facing your body) supporting it on your knee. Push cartridges, one after the other, with your right thumb, until the last cartridge is ejected.


Inserting a Magazine (figs. 8A and 8B)

Hold pistol grip with right hand, tilt the rifle about 60° up and to the right. Hold magazine with left hand titled 60° towards rifle and insert magazine into rifle and insert magazine opening (the tilt is to guide magazine into magazine opening, thus ensuring proper fit). Pull magazine with left hand until you hear magazine catch snap into place.

Note: While inserting the magazine, selector lever must be on "S (safe) position.

Cocking and Loading of Rifle (fig. 9)

While still holding rifle's pistol grip - after inserting magazine, pull cocking lever all the way back, then release.

Galil 56mm
Fig. 9 - Cocking tñe rifle

This actions will cause cartridge to be pushed from magazine into chamber. The rifle is now loaded.

Note: Before pulling cocking lever be sure that the fire lever is oi "R" o "A " position.

Firing and Unloading of Rifle

While moving fire selector to "R" (semi-automatic) or "A'' (automatic) position, hold rifle firmly with both hands and pull the trigger.

When firing "semi-automatic" the trigger must be released and pulled again in order to fire the next cartridge. When firing "automatic" the firing will continue tot the last cartridge, as long as the trigger is kept pulled.

In order to unload the rifle: remove magazine, remove cartridge, clear rifle and move fire selector to "S" (safe) position.

Removing Magazine (figs. 10A and 10B)

Hold magazine with 4 fingers of the left hand wrapped around front of magazine pressing the magazine catch forward with the index finger of the right hand, while at the same time pulling the magazine in a forward and downward movement. Or, alternatively, press the magazine catch forward with your left thumb pulling the magazine in a forward and downward movement.

Fig. 10A - Removing magazine Fig. WB - Removing magazine

Note: It is also possible to remove the magazine with the right hand.

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