Front And Rear Sight Removal Installation

Front Sight Removal

To remove the front sight from the slide, position the front of the slide in upside down position over the edge of a table or workbench. While firmly holding the slide on the workbench, tap the front sight from the slide with a pin punch and small hammer (or, the slide may be held in a vice to perform this procedure. If a vice is used, be sure that protective ¡aw covers are used so as not to damage the slide).

Front Sight installation

• INSERT a new front sight into the front sight slot and press it flush with the top surface of the slide.

• The new front sight should be placed on a smooth wood or plastic surface after it has been inserted into the slide to be sure it is not pushed out of the slide when inserting the fixing pin.

• INSERT a fixing pin in the slot in the base of the front sight, by hand or with the aid of long nose pliers.

• With a pin punch and a small fjofes, hammer tap the fixing pin into the base of the front _

sight (Figure 57).

Rear Sight Removal -

Drift or press the rear sight out -

of its dovetail slot. _

Rear Sight _


Follow instructions furnished with the GLOCK rear sight installo- _

tion/adjustment tool.

Glock Front Sight Removal

Figure 57

Glock Rear Sight Removal
Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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