Lubricating The Field Stripped Firearm

NOTE: The copper colored substance on the interior of the pistol is a high-temperature, factoiy-applied lubricant for new guns. The copper colored lubricant should remain, as it will assure long-term lubrication of the slide.

To properly lubricate your GLOCK pistol after it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, the following lubrication procedures should be followed: Using a quality gun oil, lubricate the barrel, the barrel hood, the barrel lug, and the inside of the slide where the barrel hood rubs against the slide. Take ONLY one drop of oil on your finger and rub each slide rail, or put one drop of oil in each slide rail cut. Once the slide is replaced on the receiver after reassembly, the oil drop will be distributed equally along the slide rails. Most important is the drop of oil (Fig. 14) where connector and trigger bar meet.

If not properly lubricated, the connector and/or trigger bar may be damaged and produce a hard trigger pull, resulting in their needing to be replaced.

Glock Lubrication PointsLubricating Glock

— Lubricate sparingly, i.e. only one drop of oil will lubricate all 3 lubrication points on the barrel.

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