Magazine Disassembly

For all magazines with the standard magazine floorplate and magazine insert, insert punch fully into the opening in the floor plate (Fig. 50). Push the magazine insert down into the magazine tube, and with the punch still in place, pull the floor plate forward with the punch while holding firmly on the sides of the magazine near its base. Remove the floor plate (Fig. 51), the magazine insert, the magazine spring and the follower.

WARNING: The magazine spring is under compression. Bo sure to maintain downward pressure on magizine spring-■■with' your'thumb while disassembling. Failureto do so could result in injury

For older magazines without the magazine insert, press inward with thumb and first finger as you push the magazine floor plate forward or use a hard surface (Fig. 52). As soon as the floor plate starts to move, reposition hand so thumb retains magazine spring. Remove the floor plate, magazine spring and follower.

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