Harry M Pope

(The Old Master)

It is doubtful if any one individual has done as much for the shooting game as Harry M. Pope, that barrel maker and match shooter who for more than sixty years has been an active member of the shooting fraternity. Failing eyesight and the encroachments of Time have not dulled his keen understanding of shooting problems—or his skill at his favorite old lathe. The expert handloader knows that experimental firing will locate one load which shoots better in his gun than any other. H. M. Pope learned tJhat before most of us were born. At the turn of the century when Pope was most active as.a commercial barrel maker, he developed the most accurate load for each barrel. He knew what variations in eases, in bullets, in primers and in powder could do to accuracy. So he found the best combination—and the new data went with each barrel. And so to that Little Old Man in New Jersey, with recollections of many happy evenings listening to his yarns of yesteryear, this volume is respectfully dedicated. There will be but one H. M. Pope.

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