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is closed will produce excellent residts. However. sometimes a ljullet will shoot much closer with a certain load i( seated with the hase flush with hase of the neck. Be sure to make up a dummy cartridge for future reference, once an accurate seating depth is determined.

An accurate cast bullet load can be worked up for any of the powders. Belter accuracy in light loads will be obtained with the quick-burning powders like #2400. Unique, #4759, #4227, and #4198. #4198 works exceptionally well with loads in the 1800/2000 fps range. Heavier bullets will shoot much belter with the slower powders especially at long ranges.

Several of the salvage powders currently on the market shouldn't be overlooked. #4895 Gov't powder is excellent. #4831 will produce exceptional accuracy with most of the .30 caliber cast bullets of 150 grs. or more. Both the Western ball powders, type "C" and H-240, shoot very well in small and medium capacity cases. And. here, the hand-loader can combine accuracy will) economy. Most all of the salvage powders mentioned sell for about $1.00 lo $1.25 per pound, thus giving the shooter about twice as many loads as canister powders for the same cost.

When working up new loads, I usually weigh every charge on the powder scales until I get the grouping 1 want. Then 1 calibrate my Belding & Mull measure to throw this particular load and find that it is accurate enough to give me consistent minute-of-angle groups. This is especially true with the fine-grained powders such as Unique, #2400, #4320. #4227. #4895, and Western ball.

No one can recommend any load that will give pin-point accuracy in all rifles of a given caliber. The most accurate load for a particular rifle with a certain cast bullet and powder can only be determined by experimental shooting. The best place to start is with a load from a good handbook for the bullet you intend lo use. Try it. If you are lucky, it may group; more than likely it won't. Work up from fliis load by .5 grain increments, within reason. Shoot a series of groups and compare them. Pick the load that overages the smallest groups. Now vary another scries of loads from this particular charge by .1 increments bolh plus and minus. Shoot anolher hunch of groups and compare them. Pick the load that again averages the smallest groups and stick with it.

If you think heller accuracy can be had, try varying the bullet seating depth, or try another lubricant. Perhaps your rifle will handle'a bullet .001" to .002" larger than groove diameter. Then, again, your best accuracy may be obtained willi a different bullet mixture.

Bui, remember, cast lead-alloy slugs are temperamental. Don't get discouraged if your first attempts don't bring 1" groups. Lead bullets can be made to shoot as well as jacketed slugs if particular attention is paid lo a few details. Uniformity from load to load is I lie one big secret lo cast bullet accuracy. Experimental ion and a lot of shooting are necessary to make lead slugs perform. But with enough of both, your lead-alloy bullels will punch out the X-ring with monotonous regularity. Anil there's a certain satisfaction of knowing you're entirely responsible for those 1" groups, from the casting of the slug right on down to the final trigger squeeze!


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rifle, a .22 target pistol, a .410 gauge shotgun. and a pellet pistol. Bobber's: a .22 pump rifle, a .22 single-shot rifle, a .22 frontier model pistol, a 20-gauge pump shotgun, a .410 shotgun, and a pellet pistol. But the boys are not limited to their own weapons when they shoot. They have access to the rifles, pistols and shotguns in their father's extensive firearms collection.

The twins handload their own cartridges, carrying out the enlire operation by themselves, except the measuring of the powder, which is done for them by their father. He tames their wildcats to killens by underloading, and he does this to cut down on the noise level of the rounds. "One of the saddest mistakes a fellow can make in training a youngster to shoot safely," Kennon says, "is to use noisy ammunition. 1 have found that the kick of a gun doesn't worry a shooter nearly so much as I he noise does."

Mickey is a crack pistol shot. Not long ago, when Mr. Kennon was practicing for a .38 caliber match at Atlanta's Gate City Gun Club. Mickey outscored his father, and the senior Kennon has been winning pistol and rifle matches for more than forty years. He says that Mickey, firing a handgun, can out-s'hoot 95 per cent of the officers of the Atlanta Police force, and many of these men are Deadeye Dicks with a revolver.

Bubber's favorite fire arm is a shotgun. The youngster loves to hunt birds, and Georgia's quail fields give him plenty of opportunity to hone the edge of his wing-shooling.

The boys come by the powder in their blood naturally. Their father, a member of the Atlanta Police Department, cut his teeth on shooting irons in his native state of Texas. Their mother is a fine wingshot.

Mickey and Bubber are on Cloud .45 when I hey enter their father's den, where he keeps the greater part of his gun collection. Since all the weapons there, from superbly restored antiques to brand new, Kennon-made custom rifles, are ready to fire, Mr. Kennon has laid down an inflexible rule: no ammuni-

lion allowed in the den.

This is just one of the safety measures he has drilled into his boys ever since they first started handling firearms. And this schooling in safety may be the reason why neither lad ever has had a shooting accident.

Kennon senior has taught his sons to respect guns. When they make ready to fire on a range, the safety procedures they follow might open the eyes of many adult shooters who sometimes grow careless.

Although the Kennon buckaroos are shooting prodigies, each one is all boy. For instance, like most eleven-year-olds, they love to play cowboys and sheriffs and rustlers. When you ask them the names of their favorite TV programs, they rattle off the titles of just about every horse opera that gallops and bangs over the airwaves.

And when it comes to target-busting, the Kennon twins are just as hot as their heroes, the TV marshals.

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