Buy Govt Surplus Now Direct From Us Govt Depots

Tremendous Savings — Buy at Fractions of Army & Navy costs.

Individuals can now buy direct from U.S. Govt. Surplus government property—Depots are located in every State in the country

FOR SALE — Boats; LST's; LCVP's; Aircrafts; Helicopters; Marine Engines; Radar; Sonar; Radio Telephones; Walkie-Talkies; Nautical Instruments; ETC.

ALSO:—Jeeps; Trucks; Tractors; Amphibious Vehicles; Farm Machinery; Farm Implements; Generators; ETC.

Thousands of other items too numerous to mention. SEND FOR: "Depot List & Procedure" $1.00 P.O. Box 8 (Dept. CU) Sunnyside 4, N. Y.

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