Incredible Ammo Bargains

MINIMUM ORDER 100 ROUNDS. All prices below' per 100 rounds. All ammo must be shipped RR-i EXPRESS. SHIPPING CHARGES COLLECT. Sensa- ' tional New sensational prices! Save, save. save. {


Ai last! The first and only offering of U)is supremely dfcshahle Japanese rifle and carbine cartridge brought back from the mysterious Truk naval base as part of ~ huge initial oriental purchase '— -

belt holder in ammo bargains.


Here it comes! The finest 6.)mm rifle cartridge ever developed and produced by the ever-lovin' Swedes to standards unsurpassed anywhere on the earth. A real Swcedle bv any standards at a GIVEAWAY bargain price. 168" grain bullet and superb brass cases assure reloading with proper components for years to come!


Superb appearing original 6.5mm Italian ball loads for all those imported rides. Packed in original 6 rd. clips ready to use in all those Italian 6.5 mm rifles and carbines. Cheapest price ever offered for these magnificent appearing cartridges. Components alone worth double!

Gorgeous original Winchester 7mm commercial export ammo in 20 rd. boxes each rdwid guaranteed with crocked neck to enable tonl-lww bullet pull in and effortless salvage. Order this "Pullln Ammo" sensation today!


Finest quality recent date issue ball ammo in ORIGINAL 6 rd. CLIPS at the lowest price ever offered. Others sell the clips alone for more than we sell the ammo loaded In them. 128-gr. original issue ball round . . . the first of the new 'short cartridges' and still among the finest.


Choice lot of Captured Communist cartridges picked up near alleged Sputnik remains in California by Ye Old Hunter—the greatest globe trirdler of rtcm all. 150 Gr. FP issue loads. Order now! Don't put It of! another day!

The collectors' and shooters' find of the year at lowest price ever offered! The rarest and most desirable of con temporary Mauser rounds available at last! Formerly sold up to $1 per round, so slock up now while supply lasts at this amazing price. Contemporary production! 184 Gr. Boat-tailed Bullets. What-a-give-away. Today! I


Ye Old Hunter left no stone unturned to bring you this gleaming late date ammunition. Manufactured in the mid 4o's, it literally sparkles as you lift the lid on these shiny brass cases. No further need to Inquire: this is on hand with an eager-beaver crew ready to rush it off.

Sensational low price on these superbly intact delightfully mellowed Winchester 150 GR FP Bullets. Perfectly flawlessly preserved brass cases. 20 rd. Commercial original boxes. Manufactured in roaring 20's. and joyous 30's to delight the expensive 50's with their unbelievable economy and discolored hues: Now!!!

I.eave it to Ye Old Hunter to return triumphant with this greatest large rifle cartridge bargain in America today. Beautiful original Commercial U. S. Krag 220 gr. FP loads at far less than even reloading components costs. Supply not inexhaustable. so better order now to be sure! Manufactured by Winchester. Etc.


Beautiful, clean. 8MM Ball ammunition, all brass cases ¡ind boxer (reloadable) type primers. True 0.323 bullets nlone worth practically this give-away price for these complete M.C. cartridges. Order today and shoot your favorite Manser at this shootable price, for stocks of this select ammo cannot last forever. Don't delay, order today.


Rarest of the rare are these true 8mm Lebel rounds. Nickel plated 198 gr. boat-tailed bullet assures fantastic long range accuracy in those 8mm French rifles and carbines chambered for Ibis cartridge. Order now for your life's requirements as at this price this ammo give-away IJust CANNOT last. Famous French First! A treasure!


HERE IT IS! Leave it to Ye Old Hunter to bring gleaming perfect fresh stock .303 British ball 170 gr. magnificent Issue loads to you at lowest ever price! Stock up now to shoot those sensational bargain Royal Enfields for almost nothing! All brass fully reloadable cases! This sparkling ammunition on hand for Immediate delivery.

.303 BRITISH SOFT POINT. .$14.75

Unbelievable, earth-shaking, but true, true, true. Imported sporting .303 British soft-point ammunition now available at the unheard of price of $14.75 per 100. Never has nnvone dared offer new hunting ammo at 15c per round, but Ye Old Hunter, being all heart, spared no expense to close a deal all other hunters can cash in on. Brass case, with n on-corrosive berdan primer and l">0 Gr. expanding bullet make this Ihn ammunition buy of the century. Perhaps Longer!

At last! Your favorite nistol cartridge at an absolutely unheard-of bargain price. Fine original assorted Issue loads from the world's most famous factories to slide through those no-longcr-expenslve-to-shoot 9mm Lugers, iBrownings. Radonis. Mausers, or what-have-you. NOW!!!

Who else but Ye Old Hunter would have found this treasure? Original Remington UMC loads in original boxes—375 gr. load hüllet makes superb target or hunting round for those shootable .43 Remington rolling" blocks. Appears magnificent—shootability unguaranteed. Worth twice this price for components alone!

.44-40 WINCHESTER $5.00

Very rare original 217 Gr. Black Powder loads in original boxes. Functions in all modern guns as well ns those choice old Colts and Winchesters. Any round that falls to fire is a treasure of reloading components. Huge new shipment permits this unprecedented bargain. A rare opportunity for Ammo Fanatics!

Unbelievable discovery of enormous underground supply permits this astonishing bargain l'cr all you .4 5 shooters. All U. S. manufactured, late date and in scaled boxes of 50. Not to be confused with our .45 "pullln ammo", this stuff is fully live and raring to fire. Stock up while the stockln's good, as supply is not unlimited! TODAY.


Only $24.951

Only $24.951

It took Ye Old Hunter to find the last of the famous Lee-Metfords of Boer War fame. Complete with the unique 9 Groove rifling, later used on many Japanese rifles, and first or the British 10 Shot bolt actions. Wonderfully preserved, with blueing almost intact and all with Walnut stocks. Onlv $24.95. LIMITED. A truly unique barg in.

The Ultra Rare LEE-ENFIELD Mk. I*

Developed during the Boer War from the Lce-Metford model, this was the first Enfield charger loader, and the first of the Enfield 5 Groove barrels for cordite loads. This was d eve loped to off-set the clip loading Mausers used so deviistatingly by the Boers. Later issued to territorials and Navy, so SMIJOs could be used bv overseas troops.

veil preserved, only $19.95. A historical blue chip special.


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