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.22 CALIBER, .224 Diameter Bench Rest 53 grain Hollow Point. The most accurate and precisely manufactured .22 Caliber Bench Rest Bullet.

.22 CALIBER, .224 Diameter Bench Rest 53 grain Hollow Point. The most accurate and precisely manufactured .22 Caliber Bench Rest Bullet.

.30 CALIBER, 180 grain Matchking. A fully jacketed bullet with exceptional accuracy made especially for championship competition shooting.

varmint varmint

.30 CALIBER, .308 Diameter, 110 grain Hollow Point. The lightest successful .30 Caliber bullet made. Phenomenal accuracy and killing power at varmint ranges.

Sierra has a free informative brochure for you about the hobby of handioading. Write today for your copy. — Dept. 586.

the name's the same

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THE WORLD'S highest velocity revolver, the Harvey .224 Kay-Chuk. will give you a real Bang! and an exhilarating experience. The wildcat developed by Lakeville Arms, Lakeville, Connecticut, twists a little missile toward outer space at more than twice the speed of sound. What it does on the terminal end shouldn't happen to a dog. A pipsqueek Smith & Wesson K-22 rim fire is converted to center fire and chambered for a slightly short-necked K-Hornet. Hornet cases are trimmed only .050" and are formed in one firing.

Kay-Chuk round is fire-formed (fop) with shoulder from .22 Hornet (bottom).

A Kay-Chuk is the easiest and cheapest reloading handgun for precision shooting, and the least temperamental. Almost without recoil, there is no rock 'n roll to spoil your aim. Groups are tighter than the Sunday shoes a country gal wears on Saturday night. It chills your kill faster than a blue whistler norther in Texas. It does twice the damage on varmints as factory .357 Magnums. The rifle-like crack is as loud as a .357, while the rifle-like trajectory eliminates hold-over at any normal handgun range. Standard rifle bullets punch holes in V&" steel plates that shed factory .357 M.P. loads. K-Hornet rifles are dandy pared to a mere 80 F.P. with .22 L.R. match ammo in a 6" barrel. This excellent, hardhitting Hi-V load still left something to be desired for the ultimate in varmint destruction, although bullets penetrate deep and expand well.

With cooperation from Sisk Bullet Co., Iowa Park, Texas, I designed the first jacketed .22 pill for handguns, the Sisk 37 grain Revolver Bullet. It has the basic Jugular design that permits higher velocity with deadly accuracy, and the most shocking power in big bores. The new number has a soft lead core and flat nose, with a hollow point extending below the short, .320" jacket. It retains the fine accuracy of the rifle number, with much faster blowup, and much higher velocity with up to 2.5 grains more powder. Not yet chronographed, it should register as much as 2,500 fps, with M.E. a whooping 514 F.P.

I've had fine accuracy with from 8.5 to 12 grains 2400. My favorite load is 11 grains, which has "adequate" blowup. Blasting No. 303 cans of beans, bullets enter the can, explode the can and contents before penetrating! We never did find an exit hole. Some

companion guns with Kay-Chuk ammo, with much of their deadly accuracy carried out in the short tube.

When first developed, the highest velocity and best accuracy was obtained with a 35 grain Sisk rifle bullet ahead of 9.5 grains 2400, for 2,200 fps. Pressure of 29,000 psi gave a muzzle energy of 376 foot pounds, corn-

New jacketed Sisk (I) and Lyman cast #225107 bullets Bellah made for KC.

beans were blown 25 steps. Cans exploded as if they were hit with a .222 rifle. Fired in moist sand, the largest bullet fragment was 8 grains of lead fused to part of the jacket. Other fragments were from small to mere lead smears, indicating violent disintegration.

Top loads with 35 gr. rifle pills penetrate the cans, swell the seams, and make a 2" exit hole. Expansion in moist sand is good, with some 12 grains of lead shed and the jacket ruptured completely.

Unique is also a good powder; maybe the best in short 4" tubes. Either bullet shoots well with 6 grains, starting at over 2,000 fps, with pressure below 25,000 psi. The 40 grain Sierra and Speer bullets with that charge start at 1,950 fps in the same pressure range. Heavier bullets are not recommended.

Blast a fox or similar varmint broadside with a factory .357 and you'll have a caliber-size entrance hole and about a .50 caliber exit. The 35 grain number makes a larger exit. The KC revolver bullet generally makes an entrance hole of 3" or more, explodes in-


Kay-Chuk penetrates with big hole in steel plate only dented by .357.

side, and blows the vital organs out. Such interior explosion expends all shocking power in the boiler works where it counts, making it unnecessary to pin-point your hit in a vital spot.

Texas exhibition shooter Highway Patrolman D. L. Cooper helped make long range accuracy tests with the new bullet. With a two-arm rest he consistently plinked tin cans at 150 yards, and larger cans at 300. Some paper groups at 100 yards were under 3 inches. Sighted in at 25 yards, yon are on aim at 100, and only 3" low at 150 yards. The extremely flat trajectory and accuracy make varmints a cinch at your maximum hitting range. Even if you are not a very good pistol shooter, your accuracy range will be greatly extended with the easy-to-load Kay-Chuk.

Loading is fast and easy. Use Remington cases for hot loads, as they hold more powder. Cut top charges 15 per cent in W-W hulls. Hornet cases are trimmed .050" before forming. Rifle primers will increase pressure, with little velocity increase. I highly recommend C.C.I, pistol primers, as they have excellent ignition and uniformity for light or heavy loads, and are quite sensitive. Federal or Remington can be substituted safely, if necessary. Seat bullets out to nearly cylinder length. Formed and unformed cases have practically the same center of impact, proof the cartridge isn't temperamental.

With Lyman's cooperation, I designed a Kay-Chuk mould, Lyman's No. 225107, for 38 gr. solid or 34 gr. H.P. gas check pills. The H.P. has excellent cast bullet accuracy with an alloy of 3.25% tin and 3.50% antimony, sized .225". Bullets are seated with all the bearing surface in the case. With your seater adjusted for this bullet, back it out about % turn for jacketed numbers, that should be seated out to nearly cylinder length. Maximum loads have not yet been established, but a good one is 8 grains 2400 for 1,823 fps. Fired in moist sand, it expands to about .32 caliber with the nose shedding. It's quite effective; far better than a .22 R.F. rifle.

Jacketed bullets are cheap, but cast slugs reduce shooting costs to compete with .22 R.F. ammo. Small bullets require careful casting and inspection to eliminate minor defects, that affect accuracy more than in big bores. All bullets mentioned are good for squirrel size game with 3.5 grs. Bullseye, at about 1,500 fps, depending on the bullet. Use 2.5 grains for targets, which about equals the 950 fps of .22 L.R. match ammo in a 6" barrel. W-W hulls are good to help identify light loads.

Wayne Weems, of Fort Worth, Texas, who makes the Weems Wild Call and the new Weems All-Call for varmints, is in the fortunate position of having to spend many hours testing hundreds of different call "voices," as part of his work. He has been call hunting for over 25 years and can bring varmints on the run into easy handgun range, like chickens in a farmyard. He discarded his varmint Tifles long ago, and now uses the handgun. Weems says, "Even a novice can bag all the varmints he wants with a good call and the Kay-Chuk. Predators are plentiful in every state, although they are seldom seen until called. They make fine targets at 10 to 50 yards, and you'll make some lasting friendships with land owners by thinning them out."

Weems is right. There is a thrill in handgun hunting you can't get with a rifle or shotgun. Those who call varmints love it. Another advantage with a Kay-Chuk, bullets blowup on impact. This reduces ricochets and makes it safer in settled areas. Lake-ville Arms will do the conversion work on your K-22 at about $40., or a new conversion is available. I recommend a 6" barrel, but a 4" is handy and good. They will also supply the new Sisk Revolver Bullets, Hornet cases ready trimmed and the new moulds.

The versatile Kay-Chuk is a fun gun that gets the lead out toward the wild blue yonder for game, targets or varmints. Neither novice or expert will flinch from recoil jitters, a major cause of poor handgunning. It won't bite the hand that feeds it, even if you shoot hot loads all day in fast double-action cylinder rolling. Being so easy to shoot, it's a shooter's gun, that fills a real void in the handgun field. Let's hope it sparks a much needed factory' varmint number, a real sporter. But we members of the Hull Fillers & Cap Busters Association, Unlimited, like the Kay-Chuk as it is. It has a future, not a past, and we can say, "Have gun, bullets will travel."

♦ Norfolk, Va. A story making the rounds of the Naval base here: An officer told a Navy recruit, "So you lost your rifle? Well, you'll have to pay for it." "But, sir," protested the boot, "it was stolen—if I were driving a jeep and somebody stole it, would I have to pay for that too?" "Yes," the officer told him. The recruit's answer is what they're quoting: "Now I know," he said, "why a captain goes down with his ship."

NEW WEEMS ALL-CALL with 4 Changeable Voices. Deer, Fox, Coyote, Cats,

Coon with One Call.

Long range deer and preditor call

Rabbit Squealer

Coon with One Call.

Long range deer and preditor call

Rabbit Squealer

Close range varmint and bi rd call

Price $4.00 with 2 voices. Extra voices: 1. 75c; 2, $1.25.

At your dealer. Direct if he does not stock.

Weems Wild Call, Box 7261, FL Worth, Tex.

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