Light Machine

Pride of the French Army, issued to the A.E.F. in World War I. Sworn by, by a few—sworn at many. Complete and in excel condition—$19.95 A choice ones at—$29.95 iM-3 GUEASE GUN—new condition. The first time these weapons have been offered for sale, and it may be the last—$49.95 . . . Extra magazines—$2.50

GERMAN M. P. 44 STURMGEWEHR—First of the burp Kims; excellent to new condition—549.95 Extra magazines—56.95

BRITISH 2" MORTAR—complete in ordnance case with Ml accessories—535.00

HUGE SUPPLY OF LOSE MILITARY AMMO —for rifle and pistol-unboxed but at bargain priccs-30-06. 84.50 per 100. .43 Spanish, $4.50 per 100. .30-10 Kiaii. SI.00 per 100. .44-40 Winchester. S4.0U per loo. .45-70 Government, S5.00 per 100. All are listed in our new 3rd edition catalogue.

CIVIL WAlt, G POUNDER. CANNON" WHEELS—540.00 per pair,

GERMAN MEDALS—Iron Cross—$2.50 ea. Most Others—$1.25 complete selection listed in new CATALOGUE


CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY AMMO and all Ordnance accessories for same. CANNON BALLS! CANNON BALLS! WHOSE GOT THE CANNON BALLS? WE DO —ALL SHAPES AND ALL SIZES. MA HUNTER has just received the last remaining supply of CIVIL WAR & SPANISH AMERICAN WAR cannon ammo. in the world. We purchased all the Artillery Ammunition on "You know who's island In the Hudson." CIVIL WAR CANNON FUSES—ONLY COMPLETE ASSORTMENT IN COUNTRY in boxes with beautifully enjrraved labels Of FRANKFORT ARSENAL dates 1864-1865. 4 sec. to 40 sec. packed 5 per box. . . $2.00 ea.—complete set of 8. . . 515.00.

SPECIAL! Authentic Civil War shell fuse lirnitions fastened to top of parrot Run projectile . . exc. 25c ea. PORT FIRES used for limiting Civil War Canon. 51.00 ea. JUST ARRIVED—7.92 KURZ AMMO—58.50 per 100. Send 50c for BRAND NEW 3rd edition catalogue of hither to unoffered rare arms and ammo for the shooter and collector.

♦ In the Moscow, Idaho, justice court a poacher had a strange story to tell the jury about a deer found in his possession. He had, he said, seen the deer and bent over to examine it. The deer came alive, and the pair rolled some 100 yards. The State Conservation Officer pointed out, however, that part of the "rolling" was uphill according to the tracks. The man was fined §90. * ★ *

♦ In eastern Idaho a deer hunter, on horseback, found his trail blocked by a moose. The horse shied, throwing the rider. The moose attacked the man. The man broke his rifle stock over the moose's antlers. The moose turned on the horse, and the two battled until the moose's antlers got entangled in a rope on the saddle. The moose took off, leading the horse. Several days passed before the horse was found—free of his friendly companion.

♦ Fairfax, Va. A "deer of parts", made up of left-over pieces of metal scrap, is making Fairfax Rod And Gun Club hunters the top guns in this area. This deer dashes across a 25-foot field in 4 seconds and is so cooperative it will come right back to get shot at some more. Behind the scenes, cables creak and wheels whirl, but the rifleman sees only one thing—the moving deer. This practice is, by all accounts, making mighty sharp hunters out of these men.

♦ St. Louis, Mo. Harold Pippin found a new use for his rifle. When his car's exhaust pipe was smashed after an accident and he couldn't get the car started, Mr. Pippin, on a hunting trip at. the time, simply took dead aim and shot the pipe free.

♦ Parris Island, S. C. This Marine Corps base has a rifle that is a rifle! More than seven feet long, it would make any foe of the Leathernecks gasp and turn pale. However, it's not meant to take into battle and doesn't fire. The giant "mock-up" is used to impress the recruits with some of the details of the rifle.

♦ Dayton, Ohio. After a holdup man robbed him of $70, Max Stapleton, service station manager, was determined not to be robbed for a second time. When he saw the same man approaching his station a few weeks later, he barricaded himself in the back room and armed himself with a .38 revolver. The bandit emptied his gun into the door of the back room, and Mr. Stapleton emptied his gun right back. Mr. Stapleton hasn't been bothered by bandits since.

Hferreit'5 STOCKS

Box 741 Twin Falls, Idaho

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• Law Enforcement

• Target Shooters

• Field Shooters Stocks carved for all popular American guns, individually custom fitted.

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