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Designed and manufactured by Arvo Ojala, the "top gun" of H o 1 1 y w o o d — Instructor and tech. advisor to most of leading Western TV a rid movie stars.

order I free Calling Stories and best I TftnAYi instructions 50 years of calling | TODAY | experience can produce.

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Surefire unbreakable BURNHAM calls featured in Aug '59 TRUE "The CRITTERS Come When CALLED " Bur'nham calls lured ud 121 Fo*. 33 Raccoons. 156 Coyotes. 11 Bobcat, 42 Deer, and hundreds ol Hawks and Eanles on their dry run. Thousands ol these calls m use everywhere Letters tell us of amaiing results-"Very first time I used your call I called up 5 Coyoies"—P T C.. New Mexico. BURNHAM calls must give you close shot al above mentioned game or your money back!

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