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NORMA PRODUCTS-loaded ammunition, unprlmed cases, and precision bullets — all designed with the HANDLOADER in mind.


Once a bullet has accurately found its live target it must reliably penetrate in perfect proportion to the expanding qualities of the bullet design in order to "kill" cleanly...swiftly. NORMA's coated steel jacketed bullet resists to the right degree the enormous centrifugal forces set up when the rotating bullet starts to mushroom thereby insuring good depth of penetration and controlled expansion.

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Il V U W Orovülc, California

ONLY $31.50

(with removable head shell holder and primer arm)

• Designed for greater resistance to spring.

• Optional down or up stroke.

• Removable shell holder is standard equipment.

• Price also includes primer arm with flat spring.

At your Dealers or Order Direct—Free n r rn s _n r o t** ¡ci it south unsins. new york ■ ■ » III n JJ I " W loi I 1 division of general sporting goods corp.

Author who lives in South Africa hunts big game selected areas, took this elephant in '51 in Mozambique.

Your Heady-Made Battery for Africa


Transvaal, S.A.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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