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Dept. G4A, Haileton, Pa.

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TROPHY KIT enables sportsman to mount bis own deer antlers. Work can be done in minutes with simple tools. Antlers can be mounted to authentic reproduction of polished deer skull, set on slick finished walnut shield. Engraved bronze memento plate. (State name and year shot.) Instructions and hardware included. Retails at $10.00 ppd. Trophy Kit, Box G 280, Oquos-soc, Maine.

CAR-COIN, the traveler's friend. No need to grope for toll and parking coins while driving. Slip metal bracket of "Car-Coin" over the handiest screw, dash or windshield (no drilling) ; coins drop into hand from plastic holder. Priced at $1.19 postpaid. A product of Lewis Trading, 91 Kirk St., West Orange, New Jersey.

PORTA-TRAP mounts on spare wheel and tire in mere seconds. Holds trap firm, lets hunter shoot anywhere, anytime. Throws standard clay targets, double or single, right or left, for regulation distance or farther. Perfect for family fun, for sharpening hunter's aim. Trap is released by shooter with slight pressure of leg against lever. Trap of all-steel, welded construction. Adjustable tension. Weighs 12 lbs., for easy portability. Shipped complete with mounting bolt and full instruction. Only $22.50 postpaid. Nibs, Inc., 1760 West Wrightwood. Chicago 14, 111.


"SAFETY GUARD" HOBBY KNIVES recently developed by X-acto, Inc., Long Island City, N. Y. 1-G and 2-G knives, each has a newly developed sliding sleeve, quickly positioned and locked to cover the exposed knife blade. The knurled aluminum "Safety Guard" sleeve slides to any position on the knife barrel. With the blade covered, the knife can be carried safely in a hunter's shirt closed-breech design with smooth flow of line from the receiver into the small of the stock. Fore-end of stock slimmed and streamlined. "Sporter" handles all .22 Long Rifle cartridges, regular and high speed. Receiver grooved on top for easy and quick mounting of Mossberg "slide-on" scope, and "clamp-on," C-Lect-Power scope. New 351K features exclusive Ac-Kro-Gruv rifling. Weighs about 6 lbs., is 43" in length, over-all.

22-CALIBER, 15-SHOT "SPORTER" AUTOMATIC, Model 35 IK, recently introduced by O. F. Mossberg & Sons, 131 St. John St., New Haven 5, Conn. Complete re-designing of Model 15 IK rifle retails at $38.95. New

GAME CARRIER for Southern bird hunter, or for use over regular jacket. Upland game and shell carrier designed by The Boyt Company of Des Moines, Iowa. Full bellows pockets all around. Shoulder straps placed close to neck, where they can't weigh down shoulders. Deep game pocket; blood-proof, with big enough opening so that game fits in easily. Shell loops of heavy elastic, lock-stitched to heavy leather reinforce under pocket flap. The leather reinforce distributes weight, allows garment to hang right. Available in medium, large, and extra large sizes.

WUNDERWEAR JACKET of 100% Virgin Dacron FibrefiH, zippers into outershell. Becomes Wunderwear liner for the extremely lightweight hunting outfit. Red colored, jacket can be worn separate from the outer-liner. Wunderwear shooting gloves, another product of the firm, do not have to be removed to shoot. Gloves weigh practically nothing. Entire outfit weighs only a few ounces. Product of Shelley Sportswear, Inc., 1215 Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

or jacket pocket. A twist of the knurled collar at base of knife loosens chuck for instantaneous blade replacement. Slim handle 1-G knife measures five inches in length, weighs less than one ounce. Retail price, $1.20, complete with replaceable blade. Heavier handle 2-G knife measures 6% inches in length, retails for $1.50, complete with blade. Further information can be secured by writing to X-acto, Inc., 48-41 Van Dam St., Long Island City 1, N. Y.

UNITED STATES REVOLVER ASSOCIATION is national shooting club for pistol and revolver marksmen, is a member of the U. S. Olympic Association and the International Shooting Union. Membership brassard pictured shows the official seal, an expanded handgun bullet. Membership dues are $3.50 a year, or $35 for life, open to all good citizens. Price includes a subscription to the small but newsy official magazine, "The U. S. Handgunner." Address: U.S.R.A., 59 Alvin St., Springfield, Mass.

TRAVEL TRAILER, completely equipped, introduced by Mallard Coach Corp., West Bend, Wisconsin. 17 footer equipped for most remote logging road. Can be used as

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