Famed Original Rem Rolling Blocks

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> packcd in original long boxes. NOW!

Wt. 9 lbs. ONLY 62«! per lb. TOTAL PRICE ONLY $5.58!

You can't buy prime hamburger at this price. Condition of all rifles is "Gun crank special", meaning that the outline is clearly visible through the rust and you can see light through the bore. Little of that old elbow grease will clean this fantastic bargain to NRA

Roor condition. Crackled with conquest in the hands of fanatical Latin oards. It is truly a precedent shattering bargain at only $5.58, shipped pre-olled, Action alone worth this giveaway price. A gun crank's dream. Adorn this historical relic with an original bayonet, only $1.00. when ordered with this rifle. Supply not inexhaustible.


QeOtt Hunter adE

Ye Old Hunter Is all heart!


MOST ARE NRA EXCELLENT. Only $14.95 up—WHY PAY MORE elsewhere? On hand for immediate delivery—order from this (Send permit if your sta*e or city requires.) WEBLEY & SCOTT CAL. .455

The pistol bargain of the year Webley & Seott .455 Revolvers In NRA good condition at the unbelievable price of $14.95. Some NRA Very Good $18.95. Standard of the British Army. (.455 Webley ammunition oniy $7.50 per 100.) On hand now.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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