Finest Quality Long Arms

Tobruk Lee Enfield rifle 303, excellent select.,____$19,95

British Jungle carbine 303, excellent select 29.95

Swedish Mauser rifle, 6.5 mm, excellent select 27.50

German Mauser rifle, 11mm, brand new 24.50

Swiss Veterli rifle, 41 cal., near new 15.95

Lee Enfield rare model peep sights, 303, excellent,. . 26.95

Fine High Quality Custom-Made Grips Hand-rubbed hard finish which brings out the beautiful

?rains. If you want the very finest or your gun, Order Now!

JUMBO USED GUN Catalog $1.00

Tremendous selection of modern and antique gun bargains. Colt Single Action, Colt and Remington Cap and Ball revolvers, used revolvers and automatics. Used shotguns and rifles and hundreds of other hard to get items for the collector and shooter.


Outstanding collection of German Military Arms. German Lugers, P-38's, Mauser Military pistols, Browning automatics and many other German Arms. Also parts, holsters, grips and accessories, current listing of de-activated machine guns.


Completely illustrated, showing all models of Great Western Arms. The Single Action, Derringer, Buntline, Deputy. Also complete selection of holsters and quick draw sets and equipment. Parts, presentation case and engraved models are also included.


An entire catalog devoted to genuine hard to find early model Colt Single Action revolvers. Complete listings on engraved guns, parts, grips and holster sets. Outstanding values on quality collector Colts. Prices start at $44.00.

EARLY & MODERN FIREARMS CO.. INC. 12418 Ventura Blvd., Dept. O, Studio City, California

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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