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a bit hot with some components. Best deal is to start with 25 grains, and work up to not over 26 grains, which Hodgdon lists at 3,408 fps, and that registers somewhat less on some chronographs. CCI primers give perfect ignition with Ball or other powders. They may reduce chamber pressure considerably. and velocity an insignificant 15 to 30 ips. which can be made up with .1 or .2 grain of powder, if you want the last foot second possible.

Some shooters get good groups at moderate velocity wilh inexpensive 4895 propellant. Tr\ 23 grains for 2,800 fps with 55 gr. bullets. Add 1 grain for 200 fps more velocity with 50 gr. pills.

Minimum cost shooting can be done with Lyman's cast bullet No. 225107 H.P., that I designed for the Harvey .224 Kay-Chuk wildcat revolver. Gas checked and sized .225" it weighs 35 grains. Backed by 9 grains 2400 and CCI primers, Monroe Thomas got % to lVj," groups at 80 yards. At close range the large, deep hollow point takes small game apart. This load is not cluono-graphed, but is probably around 2,400 fps. The alloy was a commercial rifle mix, and a good one, called Illinois Bullet Alloy No. 7, distributed by Division Lead Co., Summit, Illinois. This is a handy, all-around alloy, flows well, drops easily. It can be used for hard pistol bullets, and practically all rifle loads.

There is good reason .222's are the most popular .22 hot-shots. The year-around fun guns are easy and economical to shoot and load, group tighter than Texas Levi's without any fiddling around. Cases that are dry-sized may stretch badly, upsetting headspace. Use quality dies, and a tiny bit of lanolin or case lube to avoid trouble. Don't over-lube, or excess grease will make oil dents, as in other calibers.

Varmint and target shooters will like the inexpensive pocket Dwyer Wind Meter, that registers wind speeds of 2 to 10 m.p.h. on one scale, or up to 70 m.p.h. on another. (S4.95 from Peddler's Cart, Hubbard Woods Sta., Winnetka, 111.) Quite accurate, you quickly learn exactly how to dope a given wind on paper targets, and can duplicate your results in the field, with the best of the wind dopers. When the little ball registers up on the high scale, it's a good time to go home and refill some more hulls!

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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