Incredible Ammo Bargains

MINIMUM ORDER 100 ROUNDS. All prices below per 100 rounds. All ammo must be shipped RR-EXPRESS, SHIPPING CHARGES COLLECT, Sensa-\ tional New sensational prices! Save, save, save.{

Here It 1st The finest 6.5x50 car ir i dire ever developed I and manufactured by those ever-lovin' Swedes to standards unsurpassed anywhere on earth. A real Sweedie I by any standard at a GIVEAWAY price for those fine Swedish Mausers and Norwegian Krags. 168 Gr. bullet 1 and superb brass cases assure Joyous reloading with proper components for years to come. A truly terrific bargain!

Superb appearing; original 6.5mm Italian ball loads fur , all those imported rifles. Packed in original 6 rd. clips ready to use in all those Italian 6.5 mm rifles and car- i bines. Cheapest price ever offered for these magnificent appearing cartridges. Components alone worth doublel

Finest quality recent date issue ball ammo In ORIGINAL 6 rd. CLIPS at the lowest price ever offered. Others sell the clips alone for more than we sell the ammo loaded in them. 128-gr. original issue ball round . . . the first ' of the new 'short cartridges' and still among the finest.

Exclusive—Collectors and Cartridge Design Maniacs. 7.62 RUSSIAN SHORT. Only $4.95 per 20 rounds.

A priceless exclusive first and possibly last. NOBODY. but NOBODY but Ye Old Hunter (the collector's best friend) has this—and at what hazardous dealings. Nikita himself had to OK this deal, and only a "reluctant" horse-trade of two Pancho Villa specials convinced him he had nothing to lose by placing this new TOP-SECRET Russian cartridge on the American market. This is the secret cartridge used in the new Russian SKS-46, the Avtomat assault rifle, their new LMG, and according to rumor, designed for interplanetary use. Only $4,95 per full 20 rounds. Ye Old Hunter is all bargain!

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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