69c each

• Ear Defenders MSA for the Shooter. Brand

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69c each

weight. The upper counter weight weighs around 7% ounces, and the middle one about 4*4 ounces. The bottom section of 4 ounces is screwed to the middle weight and the latter can be moved forward or to the rear along a line of graduations to secure any desired balance.

For big, powerful men like Sgt. Brenner, or for hot match shooters who train regularly and can accustom their muscles to the weight, this set of weights (selling at §15 additional) are a great advantage, as the heavier arm has a slower swing on the target, giving more time for trigger let-off, less recoil in rapid fire, and less movement of sights with relation to target during recoil. For the casual shooter, they would probably give more weight than he would need, and would tire his arm unnecessarily in long strings.

This combination of the two regular barrel weights, and the one-pound clamp-on combination of three weights, gives anyone anything he could possibly desire in the way of weight and balance. Retail price of the gun has been reduced from $110.00 to $100, and the three counter weights and Allan wrench cost $15; a total of s?115 for the gun complete.

The breech block and slide recoils under the extended barrel assembly, causing no movement of sights or top of gun. The slide is heavily grooved to facilitate pulling back the block for loading. Grips are hand-filling, with a thumb rest on left side and another slightly lower shelf on the right side that separates the trigger finger from the second finger. South-paw shooters will find that this fine grip works about equally well for them

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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