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Measure your speed and reaction lime to 1 /100 second. Our electronic timer designed lor use with wax bullets ror safety. Full loading Instructions. Complete set-up-Lmier, switch. target, wires and instruction. $50.00.

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Bushnell can't be used in the low Sako rings. An 8x Weaver can be mounted with a .025" shim in the forward ring, which may not be the best practice. I think the best deal is to drill the Sako actions for a Buehler mount, or those who can't have the work done will like the Stitch. The 6x and 8x scopes are the most popular, but rest shooters sometimes use a lOx or more.

Factory fodder generally groups in about 2" from sporters right out of the box. Cases are better than average, have fewer off-center or eccentric necks, thin walls and other defects. Maximum length is 1.700". New or once-fired hulls are best trimmed .004" to .006" under that figure, which faces-off most shells. Exact length is not important, just so it is uniform and not too long. Like other calibers, new cases are not uniform in length. A trimmer like the Forster allows visual inspection of the neck walls for uniformity after trimming, and before debur-ring. Discard cases with neck walls thin on one side, with neck or wall cracks, or head or primer pocket defects.

Best bullets are 50 to 55 grains, and the .224" diameter shoots best in all the guns I've fired. The 55 grain pills buck wind slightly better, which is more than canceled out for varmints by the faster blowup of some 50 grain types. Soft bullets blow up faster, while hard ones give more penetration. Bench resters who home swage their pills agree that pure, soft lead cores give better accuracy than any alloy and, of course, are more destructive on varmints.

Sisk. Sierra, and Hornady bullets have given me excellent results, and I have good reports on Speer. The Sisk 50 gr. Lovell and 54 gr. Niedner have plenty of explosion on varmints. The Sisk 49 and 55 gr. Express numbers are a bit tough for fast blowup at .222 velocity. Good target and varmint pills are the 53 gr. Sierra Benchrest H.P. and Sisk

49 or 55 gr. Benchrest H.P., all in .224" diameter.

4198 cannister powder has given me the best results. My light Sako and a custom rifle will group close to % moa with 21 grains behind 50 gr. Lovell's in Remington cases, ignited by CCI primers. Half-inch and smaller groups have been shot, but a tube that "slays" in % moa is plenty hot. This is a "universal" load that shoots well in all rifles I've tried, without buying premium priced Benchrest pills.

To work up to best accuracy with any

50 gr. bullet and 4198, start with 19.5 grains, increasing the charge in .5 grain steps, stopping at any indication of excess pressure. Don't load more than 22 grains. If your best groups are, say, with 20.5, 21 and 21.5 grains, then settle for the center figure. Your loads will be right in the middle of the best burning range of the powder, and show the least velocity-pressure spread. Cut the lop charge .5 grains or more with 55 grain bullets, which loses about 100 fps velocity. Bullets are best seated out as far as possible to feed in the magazine. If you single-load, you can seat them to nearly touch the lands.

B. E. Hodgdon, the Merriam, Kansas, powder distributor, lists 27 grains of Ball, type C, as sold under his label, with 50 gr. Hornady bullets at 3.420 fps, as a MAX charge. He advises CCI or W-W primers for best ignition with this powder. This load is (Continued on. page 59)

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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