Sensational low price on these superbly inlact delightfully mellowed Winchester 150 GR FP Bullets. Perfectly flawlessly preserved brass cases. 20 rd. Commercial original boxes. Manufactured in roaring 20's and joyous 30's to delight the expensive 50's wit' their unbelievable economy and discolored hues: Now!:

Leave It to Ye Old Hunter to return triumphant this greatest large rifle cartridge bargain in America, todav. Beautiful original Commercial L". S. Krag 220 gr, FP loads at far less than even reloading components cost. Supply not inexhaustible. so better order ' - siito! M _

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Deer hunting is an interesting thing that reminds you of those golden old ages of 19th centuries, where a handsome hunk well equipped with all hunting material rides on horse searching for his target animal either for the purpose of displaying his masculine powers or for enticing and wooing his lady love.

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