17 000.000 GUN PARTS Stocked—modern, obsolete, foreign Send tracing, description for quotati^. Numrich Arm's. West Hurley 19. N. Y.

STAMP FOR list of 150 Antique and Modern guns. Buy, Sell or Trade. Chct Fulmer. (Guns) Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. ____

30-06 NON-CORROSIVE AMMUNITION, $4.50 per 100. M.I Carbine Hollow Point ammunition $8.00 per 100. Gularte. Fraxer Lake Rd., Hollister, California.


U S 30-06 ENFIELD RIFLES. Excellent—$39.50. British Mk 5 303 Lee-Enfield jungle carbines. Very good—$24 95. Excellent—$29.95. British Mk. 3 & 4 303 Lee-Enfield rifles. Excellent—$19.95. Swedish Mod. 96 6.5mm Mauser rifles. Excellent—$27.50. Swedish Mod. 94 6.5mm Mauser carbines. Very good—$29.95. Excellent—$32.50. Like New —$39.50. Germon Mod. 1)8 8mm Mauser rifles. Very good —$37.50 Excellent—$12.50. Israeli Mod. 98 8mm Mauser rifles. (Czech made) Excellent—$49.50. Jap 7.7rara Arisaka rides. Excellent—$18.00. Free gun list. Money back guarantee. Freed land Arms Co., 34 Park Row, New York 33, N.Y.__

PRECISION HARD Alloy Cast Bullets. 250 grain semi wadcutter Keith 44 Special and Magnum $2/100, $18/1000. 38/357 170 grain Keith semi wadcutter $1.50/100. a 13/1000. 405 grain 45/70 $3/100 175 grain Gascheck 30/06 $2.25/100. $19/1000. 85 grain gascheck 243/244 $2.25/100, $ IS/1000. All sized lubricated. No C.O.D.'s please. FOB Kent, Lomont, 4421 South Wayne, Fort Wayng 5, Indiana.

YAMA WOOD Gun Blanks (Imported). Mountain grown, ultra fine grained. Kiln dried, amazingly stable. Harder, 300 lbs. stronger than walnut compression parallel grain, yet 40% lighter; pound off average gun. Unsurpassed fancy third dimensional figuring, 3x5 sample 25c. Exotic-woodb, 15138 Martha. Van Nuys, Calif.

RIFLES. 303 BRITISH Enfields, as issued, good condition. $23.00. .303 British Military Cartridges, $10.00 per 101). Public Sport Shops. 11 S. lUth Street. Philadelphia 2. I'a.

U.S. 30-06 ENFIELDS. EXCELLENT—$39.50. British Mk. 5 303 jungle carbines. Very good—$24.95. Perfect— $29.95. Free list. Al's Gunroom, l Beck man Street, New York, N.Y._

SMITH & WESSON. 22 Cal.. brand new. model 41, target automatic. $110.00. Fully engraved model. $285.00. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia 2. Pa.

HANDGUNS—NEW enlarged 1959 catalog 50c. Robert Frielich. 396 Broome St.. New York 13, N. Y._

NEW M-l CARBINES, $100. M-l Rifles, $125. Sloper, Rimrock, Arizona.

SHOOTERS: If you are interested in learning Gunsraith-ing and are willing to spend a few hours in your home shop for a handsome, accurate .22 target pistol, send 4 cent stamp for complete information. P. O. Box 362, Terre Haute. Indiana.

BLOCK STOCKING. REBROWN & Reblue. Repair all Make Shotguns & Rifles. Frank LcFevcr & Sons, Inc., Custom Gunsmiths, Frankfort, New York.

BEAR RUGS. (Polar, Grizzly. Black.) Tiger, Bob-cat. Wolf. M.J. Hofmann-Taxidermist, 1025 Gates, Brooklyn 21, N.Y.

CROSSBOWS! HUNTING Bows! Factory-Direct-Pricesr JayCo. Box 1355. Wichita. Kansas.

SEND FOR free new 1059 gun list. Freed land Arms Co., 34 Park Row, New York, N.Y.

2 MOUNTED DEER Heads $15 cach. Volmar, Box 1037, G. C. Sta. N.Y. 17.

FABULOUS 36 PAGE Fully Illustrated Catalog Every Month Hundreds antique guns, swords, military items. All different in each issue. Order with confidence from America's Finest Antique Service. Subscription just $1 for 12 catalogs. Norm Flayderman (GM), 44 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut. _

CARRYALL CANVAS Roll with straps and handle, large size 54 x 22 inches, for travelers, campers, baseball players, etc. Gov't Surplus, brand new, value $12.50—Special $2.25 each. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2. Pa.____

HAND SIGHTING Levels, improved new model, many uses, for laying drains, ditches, foundations, grading, contouring. laying out of fences, piers, roads and gardens. Fully guaranteed. $2.50 Postpaid. Public Sport Shops, US. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2, Pa.__

HANDCUFFS, BRAND new, $15.00 Value, nickel plated. Peerless type, lightweight. Special Sale $7.95 pair. Leg Irons, Gov't. Surplus, nickel plated, brand new. Value $24.50. Special $5.95. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2. Pa._

30-06 SPRINGFIELD OR Enfield Rifie Stock, as issued, brand new, $2.95 each. A3-03 Springfield rifle barrels, cal. 30-06, brand new. Gov't. Surplus, 24-inch, completely finished. Value $25. Special $5.00 Postpaid. Public Sport Shops. 11 S. 16th Street. Phila. 2, Pa._

BRASS, ONE-Piece Cleaning Rod with brush. Gov't Surplus, for 45 cal. revolvers and automatic pistols. $1.00 each postpaid. Brass, jointed rifle cleaning rod, 30 Cal. and up, by Marble. 36 inches long. $1.35 Postpaid. Public Sport Shops. 11 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia 2. Pa.

LA PEGY Handcuffs, $9.95: Peerless, $13.95; Darbies, $9.95. Leg Irons, $12.95. Bilboes, jougs, $7.50. Twisters, Guide chains. $1.50. Transport chains. Leather restraints. Collector's Specialties. Thomas Fcrrick. Box 12, New-buryport, Mass.

SHOOTER'S BIBLE, 1959. over 500 pages. Immediate shipment. Illustrated Modern Cuns and Accessories, $2.00. 1959 Gun Digest $2.95 Postpaid. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Phila. 2. Pa.___

M.S.A. EAR DEFENDERS for the Shooter. Brand new. U.S. Gov't. Surplus. Value $3.00—While They Last $1.00 pair Postpaid. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2. Pa.

REBARRELING, MILITARY Conversions and associated work. Guaranteed to please 100c/o or il Costs you nothing. Roger Marshall, Rifiesmith, 2538 North Edith Blvd., Tucson. Ariz.

PEDOMETER. BRAND new by New Haven Watch Co. Measures the distance you walk. While They Last $5.95. Public Sport Shops. 11 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia 2, Pa.

RIFLE SLINGS, leather. Army Surplus, l'A inch. Brand new. $2.00 each. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2, Pa.

OVER 5000 RIFLES. Shotguns, Handguns. Modern. Antique listed Monthly. Sample Copy 25c (Coins). Shotgun News, Columbus, Nebraska.

RIFLE SCABBARD. Western Boots. Clothing. Saddles. Free Catalog. Silver Spur, Box 1785-B41, Fort Worth,


"WINEMAKING," $1.00. "STOUT, Beer, Ale Brewing," $1.00. Illustrated. Eaton Books, Box 1242-N, Santa Rosa, California.

FREE! 72 PAGE photographic bargain catalog. Dept. 18-A3 Central Camera Company, 230 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

C.S. (CONFEDERATE) or U.S. oval belt buckles. $2.25. Heavy Box plates, same style, $2.00 cach. New. Waddeli, 1C25 Georgia, Marysville, Michigan.

ELECTRIC PENCIL: Engraves all Metals. $2.00. Beyer Mfg. 10511-Q Springfield, Chicago 43.

ANY BOOKSTORE can supply "Colt Firearms", the complete, authentic, big Colt weapons story. Free brochure: Serven Books, Santa Ana. Calif.

SPEL DICTION Speller is the quick new word finder for office, home or school. $1.00 Robert Yelland, 3110 High Street. Oakland 19. Calif.

MAUSER 257 HEAVY bbl. Super-targcspot. Exc. $125.00. 10 boxes 38spl. factory wad-cutters prepaid $30.00. Jeff. Trader. Pocomoke City, Maryland.

RUANA HUNTING and Bowie Knives illustrated price lists. Send stamp Ruana Knife Works, Box 574, Bonner, Montana.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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