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as it does for the right handed shooter.

The grip is large, amply long, of finely checkered walnut, and is set at a different angle than any other auto pistol. It is a more comfortable natural grip for me than any other auto pistol grip I have ever seen, and many friends tell me the same thing. The bottom edge flares out around the bottom of the hand, making positioning of the hand for each shot a simple matter. The thumb rest and the shelf on the right side make it impossible to secure any but the one perfect grip on the gun. This eliminates the old target necessity of fitting the gun into the shooting hand with the other hand.

Magazine release, slide stop, and safety are all small, neat, and all positioned conveniently on the left side. The stocks cover the back strap. There is ample room at the top of the grip for the heaviest and meatiest of hands, without cramping. Front strap is grooved. Trigger is well shaped and well positioned. It is %" wide and grooved. It carries an adjustable back stop to limit rearward travel, and is fully adjustable by quarter pound clicks. This adjustment is very wisely put inside the assembly, where it can be adjusted only when the arm is taken apart, thus eliminating any chance of anyone accidentally changing your trigger pull. Under no circumstances should the sear or notches be stoned in S & W trigger assemblies. They are very carefully case hardened, and any stoning will remove the hard skin until they will wear; whereas, if left alone, they polish as the arm is used.

The barrel is well rifled with six grooves and a right-hand twist of one turn in 16%". It is superbly accurate and, with good match ammunition, will make from one-half inch to one-inch groups at 50 yards from rest. All guns are machine-rest tested at the factory.

The whole trigger guard serves as a sort of cushion of the spring type for the recoiling slide, thus cushioning the jar and making for the smoothest operating automatic pistol we have ever tested. This contributes greatly to a smooth action, and to rapid recovery in rapid fire shooting.

The magazine holds 10 cartridges and has a button for depressing the magazine spring to facilitate easy loading. The magazine is well constructed, easy to load, and is marked on each side at the position of the fifth and tenth cartridge, so you can see at a glance how many rounds are in the magazine. The arm will not fire when the magazine is removed, and for another very fine safety precaution, a small pin protrudes from the rear of the frame just above the grip, enough so it can be seen or felt, to tell you instantly when the arm is cocked. It falls when the sear releases.

Finish of the entire arm, with the exception of the sand matted and grooved portions, is the fine, very highly polished, traditional, high-bright S & W blue, than which there is nothing finer in gun finishes. The arm has a long sleek, racy appearance, and it holds and handles just as well as it looks.

Both front and rear sight blades are tipped back to prevent glare and show up a beautiful black on the target. Front sight blade is on a low ramp. Back end of frame, breech block, and indicator pin are dull matte finish, and the back of the rear sight assembly is also grooved to prevent glare or reflection. Weight of the arm with muzzle brake and the % ounce aluminum barrel weight is 43% ounces. With the heavier all steel barrel weight, it is just 44% ounces.

Henry W. Benson, Judge Don Martin, Eddie Schaller (the local gunsmith), and I tried out the new pistol. All four of us have hatjjyonsiderable experience with all manner of pistols and sixguns and all are agreed that the new Smith & Wesson is the easiest .22 automatic to shoot and do top grade work with that we have ever tried. It is a friendly gun, easy to get acquainted with. We shot it extensively, on target and at both short and long ranges. We have never had a trace of a malfunction. The arm worked perfectly at all times, and its accuracy is phenomenal. I have shot some mighty accurate .22 target pistols over the years, but in my opinion this Smith & Wesson Model 41 tops them all for extreme accuracy.

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