Norwegian Krag

Complete barrelled-actions. Barrels are fair to good condition $14,95

Navy Leg Irons, New, per pair

Junk & Parts GRAB BAG—15 lbs. or more (Shipped RREXpress Collect) Case of 12 new Thompson MIAl butt stocks

AMMUNITION COLLECTORS: Assortment of 25 different cartridges, many scarce & rare $4.25

Send self-addressed, stamped envelope for more complete list of parts U accessories & list of other interesting items for collectors.

Special Ammo Offer: 7.92MM Short for German M.P. 44 "STURMGEWEHR 4 4". Very rare $7.50 per 100 rds.

Loose & assorted 7MM Mauser ammo, some misfires, most shoot—200 ids. (with a few extra thrown in) $7.50

Special Loose Ammo offer ,30-06 $4.50 per 100 .30-40 Krapr $4.25 per 100.

(Special prices on case Iols.)

SAVE by including postage. ALL ITEMS SHIPPED EXPRESS CHARGES COLLECT, unless sufficient postage is included with order.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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