Stock Up Now For Spring Shootnc

• MINIMUM ORDER. 300 ronnds-at these Eivc-awnv FRENCH •30-<06. srade 3-loosu. (rood shootinir but $2 50 pcrl()0 J^tJ^^Vp^^lmr 'RBIl V

(for 30-06 NON-CORROSIVE ammo ad 50c per 1 0(3 Extiiai W

«30-40 KraK. Bradc 2^1irty. but shoots. . 3.50 pel 100 - IfiWT \i A (■ |||vr f'liv

«30-40 Krai, [Trade 1— loose. Kood piinkinK Ll"HI »lAtHlSH OUN

ammo ^.so per ioo prMe ot the French Arm», issued to the

^ 'blocks^rade''^—loose.! 3.50 pe, ioo A.E.F. in World War I. Sworn by, by a few—

jrraclo l—loose ■ ■ ■ pcr iRi! sworn at by many. Complete and in excellent

8& 188 condition-«».« A few choice ones at-

«45 ACP Blade l! new box. excellent. . . . S.OO per 100 ¡«4 GREASE GUN—new condition. The first

♦ 8 MM Mauser, boxed, excellent condition. |.|o per ioo t|me these weapons have been offered for sale, is mm Libel'. Br'adi \. \ \:\'. ^' 6.oo per ioo ancj it may be the last—$49.95 . . . Extra mag-TVflBJSBW*' Ammo:'.|:lo Se'r §8 azines-$2.50

30 cm carbine-new boxed s.oo pSi ¡00 GERMAN MEDALS —Iron Cross —$2.50 ea.

7 62 Russian"«new: '& Beautiful Most Others—$1.25—complete selection listed

(.SnuicKlid from behind ll.c Iron Curtain) 7.50 per 100 jn new CATALOGUE.

0.5 MM JAP-in clips Pjr 00

?AMoK..»:-.¿»Ve-::::::::::::: |:S?88 send 5oc for BRAND NEW 3rd

11 mm Maniicher. in clips • • ; . 7.50 per ioo edition catalogue of hitherto un-

12S GA. Black Powder-Shotgun SheUs.^ ^ of ^ offered rare arms and ammo for

577/450 MaVtini-Henry (made by __ , the shooter and collector.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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