? 30-06 Military Cartridges late Issue

T Non Corrosive ner lOO

S .25-20 Repeating Rifle Cartridges

5 .303 Savage Rifle Cartridges

2 -45 Auto. Rim Cartridges

X Per lOO

" .348 Winchester

Per lOO

• ,22 Automatic Rifle Cartridges

" .45-70 Smokelos» Low Presaur*

Per 100

T .32 Remington Rifle Cartridges Silvertip

• .351 Winchester Self-Loading Metal Patch

• .35 Winchester Self-Loading

z .30 Remington Soft point n Per lOO—Value «17.00

r .32 Long R F Cartridge*

Z Per lOO

I Per 100

• Ear Defenders MSA for the Shooter. Brand

J for shotgun $ J DOZEN


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