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hits flying targets at all reasonable ranges is a swinger. Be one.

The next lesson is never ended. It is the lesson of how to hit flying game. A clay bird court is one tiling—a fine place for a beginner to learn, and {or a poor shooting oldster to correct some faults. A field or a duck marsh is something else. You cannot call "Pull" and have your target come out before you; although, witli a pointing dog, you can almost do so on Bob White quail and, sometimes, pheasants. Nor can you wander for miles holding yoirr gun correctly mounted—although you do have plenty of time to mount it correctly when a dog is on point or when ducks can be seen approaching from afar. But those situations do not always exist; so you must learn to mount your gun correctly and quickly under many different circumstances and conditions. It is not difficult to do if you will remember two things:

First, remember the safe rule, and carry your gun any way you wish as long as you do not point your gun at a companion, a dog, or anything you do not wish to threaten or shoot.

Second, remember that, from any safe position, you can mount your gun correctly in plenty of time to get off a shot at any target you could have hit from any position—safe or unsafe. Correctly mount your gun swiftly, but never recklessly. You'll do all right.

Question: How should I take the various and numerous kinds of shots which I may encounter while hunting?

Answer: Take them as they come, and shoot where they are. Never restrict yourself to one or two types of shots just because they seem easier—they are all easy if you keep your gun correctly mounted, swing, and shoot. Some hunters pass up the easier incoming shot to turn and shoot at the more difficult going-away bird! That is worse than wrong- -it is silly. No matter where your target appears, shoot at the first safe opportunity within reasonable range. If you miss, you will still have time for a second shot. axiom: If you don't shoot, you've missed. SHOOT—and Good Luck to you.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Deer hunting is an interesting thing that reminds you of those golden old ages of 19th centuries, where a handsome hunk well equipped with all hunting material rides on horse searching for his target animal either for the purpose of displaying his masculine powers or for enticing and wooing his lady love.

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