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At last gun fans have woke up. Bills to ''legalize" the shot revolver have been introduced by Congressman King (Cal.. HR4029), Sikes (Fla., HR4094) and John Saylor (Penn., HR4227). Their passage will benefit many shooters.

Continuing experiments with pure lead, Harvey brought out "The Most Deadly Bullet," his jacketed Jugular, in 1956. (See May. 1956, Guns.) A .014" specification jacket allows an undreamed of velocity of 2,000 feel per second in either .357 or .44 Magnums for the most deadly handgun loads ever fired. Magnum performance is obtained in .38 and .44 Specials, and Magnums destroy more tissue than many .30-06 rifle loads. Testing some of the first bullets, I was amazed at the destruction on varmints. Jackrabbits exploded like a feather pillow hit with a Swift. Heavy numbers have terrific expansion and penetration to quickly stop tough game or men. Jugulars give more expansion in .38 Specials than factory .357 Magnum loads. Police found them superior for either combat or car stopping.

Actual killing power is up to double what energy figures indicate, which is a whopping 1.072 foot pounds in a .357, or 1,510 in a .44 Magnum. Hollow point numbers blow to smithereens like varmint rifles. Solids expand fast, shed lead, and penetrate deep. Jugulars are the ultimate in killing power, with superb accuracy to 500 yards and more. They are shot without lubricant and recoil is light for the delivered energy. There is a new thrill in handgunning with soft lead slugs driven faster than ever before. Factory swaged bullets and custom loads are available. So are swaging dies and a new mould design. Harvey says Jugular repeat business is nearly 100 percent. They are produced on five R.C.B.S. Model A presses.

An invention Harvey has not yet patented is a gismo to check powder charges in custom loads. Working on the loading press, it indicates variations to .1 grain, or any foreign matter in the case. It has proved valuable to make the carefully assembled custom loads produced by Lakeville Arms.

Another clever invention is a Cannelure Die to crimp jackets or gas-checks on bullets to prevent shedding in flight, for fine accuracy at high velocity. Harvey recommends it for all gas-check or jacketed bullets driven over 1,100 feet per second. Factory Jugulars are crimped with this die.

The excellent Jugular performance, that is more than a milestone in handgun progress, sparked an idea for super efficient big game rifles in .429 and .358 calibers. Harvey has just brought out his line of four "Maglaska" wildcats, with much to recommend them, after testing dozens of cartridge designs and hundreds of loads. New double jacket "two-stage" bullets were designed for the high velocity big bores. They are for deep penetration and controlled expansion without blowing up. Calibers .429 are the Junior, Senior, and Super Senior. The latter two pack more energy at higher velocity than the huge .458 Winchester African Magnum, with a punch of over 5,000 foot pounds!

Pressure runs lower in top loads than factory .300 or .375 H & H Magnums. The .429 bullets run from 500 grains to 225 grains, with construction varied for different recommended velocities. A long list of loads have been tested for accuracy, velocity, and pressure, and guns and bullets are being field tested in Alaska and the States. Even the "little" .358 Maglaska packs up to 4,258 foot pounds of energy for clean kills on heavy game. Identical caliber handguns would be practical companion guns, and pistol bullets might be handy for small game and plinking.

The varmint handgun void was filled with the new "Harvey .224 Kay-Chuk" using a Hornet case trimmed .050" and fired in a short neck K-Hornet chamber. Smith & Wesson K-22 guns are chambered and the firing pin altered for this hottest of the small bores. K-Hornet dies load the little stingaree with a long list of lab tested loads. Harvey believes complete and expensive lab data is worth every cent of cost.

Thirty-five grain Sisk bullets come twisting out of the muzzle at 2,200 f.p.s., with 9.5 grains of 2400 at 29,000 psi pressure. One half grain less powder starts a 40 grain Sierra pill at 2,084 f.p.s., with pressure of 29,200. Factory .357 Magnum slugs bounce off Vs" steel plates that either of these loads penetrates like cheese. The round has video and audio for potent looks and heaps of noise. I knew it was good when I cut a rabbit apart with the 375 foot pounds of explosive energy in the tiny pill. It's just dandy for bobcats, coyotes, and other varmints call-hunted with a handgun. Wayne Weems, who makes the popular Weems Wild Call, now leaves his rifle in the rack when varminting, as it is easy to bring predatory animals into easy handgun range. This hotshot goes with call hunting like ham goes with eggs, and call-hunting is a growing year-around sport.

Almost recoilless, a Kay-Chuk is extremely easy to shoot accurately. There is practically no rock 'n' roll to spoil your aim. Tom Dyer put 5 shots in 5 inches at 150 yards. Bullets have a flat trajectory, reach the target pronto, and disintegration reduces ricochets. Sighted in at 25 yards, you are on (Continued on page 63)

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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