Winchester Battery For Africa

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It fires bullets of four different weights—110 to 220 grains—with varying velocities (3380 to 2410 f.p.s.). The lighter bullets have a use for the long range plains shooting sometimes required for antelope. The 220 grain can be happily used on small and medium antelope. In an emergency, I have satisfied myself that it is satisfactory on buffalo. With the 220 grain blunt nosed solid it can no doubt kill elephant. The .30-06 is obviously at its best on the small and medium African antelope, but can cope with a comprehensive range of targets if the devil drives, though this is not always to be recommended. An added attraction is the fact that a superb range of controlled expansion cartridges are available for the .30-06 including the splendid "Core-Lokl" which leave little to be desired.

The other rifles in the .30-06 category, with the exception of the .300 H & H Magnum and the 8x60 Magnum, are out classed by it. These either fall into the rather dowdy 7.9x57 mm. or .303 group, or the high velocity light bullet weight class .270 W.C.F., .280 Halger, .275 Magnum, etc. The .303 is unspectacular and pedestrian, and my experience with the .270 W.C.F. on the larger antelope has not endeared me to it. An acquaintance who frequently expounded the virtues of the .270 recently had its inadequacies convincingly demonstrated to him by a lion. I much prefer the .30-06.

We now come to the medium caliber in my battery. The .375 Magnum Holland conception was masterly, and it very closely approximates the all-round rifle for Africa. There may be little it does to perfection, but by the same code there is little it does not do well. In my outfit it covers the larger antelope and carnivores. It is equally useful on the medium antelope, and there are many, including myself, who have used it

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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