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fortable over rocks, ice, or uneven ground. Available in a wide range of widths. Full grain oil tan Brazil. The insulated bool manufactured by Chippewa Shoe Company, Chippewa Falls, Wis.

OZARK MOUNTAIN TENT tested against winds of over 60 miles an hour, with only 9 pegs and no ropes. Five minutes pitching time. Ozark Tent designed for mountain work. Proven quiet in gales of wind. Measures 8' x 8' with 6'3" headroom. Sleeps four on ground, or two in cots. Tent weighs 14 lbs.; Alcoa aluminum sectional poles. 5 lbs. Special tent lining makes it possible to live in tent at 30° below zero. Made of Airplane Cloth, vat dyed orange; mildew, rot and waterproofed. Sewn-in floor made of Boatsail Drill, vat dyed forest green. Special tunnel door enables tent to be entirely sealed from the elements; two ventilators near the top provide sufficient ventilation. Manufactured by the Porta Co., Inc., of Canton, Mass.

NAVY INTERMEDIATE PILOT JACKET of dark brown goatskin leather appeals to sportsmen. Mouton collar, elastic knit waistband and cuffs, with a bi-swing back for comfort. Prices at $32.50 each for sizes from 34 to 46, and $35.00 each for sizes 48 and 50. Made to Government specifications. A product of Flying Equipment Co., 1639-45 W. Wolfram St., Chicago 13, 111.

POPULAR HANDGUNS of the Civil War. Top is the .44 Colt Cap and Ball Army. Next is the .36 Colt Cap and Ball Navy. Bottom is the .44 Remington Cap and Ball New Model Army. The Museum of Historical Arms is now offering for sale a large assortment of interesting, unusual, collectors' weapons in their 208-pg. fully illustrated catalog-reference book. Book is priced at $1, refunded with first purchase. Order from The Museum of Historical Arms, 1038 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Fla.

TRAVEL TRAILER, completely equipped, introduced by Mallard Coach Corp., West Bend, Wisconsin. 17 footer equipped for most remote logging road. Can be used as living quarters far from utilities. The oui-doorsman will find it self-contained, with 16-gallon water storage lank with marine pump, gas operated cooking stove, heater, light, and refrigerator. Twelve volt dome light operates off the car battery. Travel Trailer available in three distinctly different floor plans. Will sleep up to 6 persons. Model 17-T. equipped with toilet facilities, offers a septic tank and pressure water system optional at extra cost. Units now in production for immediate delivery.

DO-IT-YOURSELF BOOKLET of easy-to-build Gun Cabinets and Racks, authored by "Dave" Fisher, outdoors writer. Booklet shows six professionally styled designs, created to display guns and shooting equipment, as well as protect them. Inexpensive to make from simple instructions with complete de-

PONTIAC'S CATALINA SAFARIS are designed to accommodate a broad band of motoring requirements. Hunters and campers love them. Two four-door station wagons, identical in exterior appearance, are built on a 122-inch wheelbase, powered by high performing 389 cubic inch Tempest 420 V-8 engines. Two-seat Safari lias roll-down tail gate window, while the other model includes a rearward-facing third seat and an electrically operated rear window as standard equipment. Catalina Safari interiors feature a wide selection of trim combinations designed to harmonize with high luster Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer exterior finishes. From: Pontiac Motor Division, Pontiac, Michigan.

tails and material list. Can be built in a few spare hours. Mention Guns Magazine and get a copy of booklet for 50tf in coin. Regularly priced at $1.00. Offer is for limited time only. Write Ithaca Gun Company, Inc., Ithaca, N. Y.

INSULATED HUNTING BOOT designed with exclusive Nylabond, strengthened with nylon and dacron stitching. Soft, water-resistant leather and Cusli-N-Crepe soles and heels make walking easier and more com-

SHEEPSKIN PISTOL CASE. Of strong, high-grade tanned sheepskin, with deep soft fleece. Available in small, medium, large sizes. Easy zipper closing. Made of bark-tanned skins, containing no corrosive chemicals. When open, case forms large, convenient, flat pad. Priced at $3.75 postpaid. One of hundreds of items listed in free sportsman's catalog, obtainable upon request from L. L. Bean, Inc., 292 Main St., Freeport, Maine.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Deer hunting is an interesting thing that reminds you of those golden old ages of 19th centuries, where a handsome hunk well equipped with all hunting material rides on horse searching for his target animal either for the purpose of displaying his masculine powers or for enticing and wooing his lady love.

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