Alfred J Goerg Kent Bellah

REPRESENTATIVES: NEW YORK, Eugene L. Pollock, 60 East 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y., YUkon 6-9280. MIDWEST, Lee Salberg, 8150 N. Central Park Ave., Skokie, III., ORchard 5-6967. CALIFORNIA The Ren Averill Co., Ren Averill, 232 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, Calif. RYan 1-9291. SOUTHERN, Hal Moore, 279 NE 79th St., Miami 38, Fla. FRanklin 1-3624.

(¡UNs ma-'azme is published monthly al SI:",() Central Park Avenue. SkoUie. Illinois. Seonnd class postage paid ai skokie. 111 in,»is. and at additional mailing oltioes. SUIISCHIl'TION: One year. So.Oo. Single copy .",0c. I'lIANOi: OF \ODliKSS: Kniir weeks' notice rconircd on all rhanices. Send old address as « ell as new. eONTKIIll."Tolls suhniillin" oianoseripts. photographs oi drawings do so at their own risk. Material cannot he returned on-


A new rifle—a new action

— a new high in shooting pleasure — the nearest thing to an all 'round rifle

— another great addition to an already great line of rifles — a rifle designed with the hunter in mind.

Forester with DualRange Peep Sight —$154.40.

Forester Heavy Barrel Rifle—$162.50.

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