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A completely new departure in bolt action rifles . . . four locking lugs . . . shortest bolt travel . . . Kinged floorplate on magazine permits loading from bottom. Chambered only for the powerful 7 x 61 Sharpe & Hart Cartridge. The new hunting rifle that hunters in-the-know use and recommend: ONE MODEL — ONE CALIBER — ONE LOW PRICE — ONLY $160.00.

BALLISTICS OF THE NORMA 7 x CI SHARPE &. HART CARTRIDGE. The Norma load to our specif!cations is now sola exclusively through Sharpe & Hart Associates dealers in tlie U. S.. Canada and Alaska. Primers are of the American type and are nniucorruslve and non-mercuric. 1 OO-jrrairi pointed soft-point hoattail bullet at a muzzle velocity of 3100 f.s. The powder charge is O0.5 grains of Norma Special £104 powder, developing an nvcrage pressure of 5I.7UU pounds. I»ata below comes from Norma Ballistics Laboratory.


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