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good Knfleld Mauser Mauser Cernían Excel len auloinati .Mauser Enfield rifles. V War is; War is: Free gu York. N

II MK. 5 303 Lee- En field jungle carbines. Very 2-1 .!)£>. Perfect -$2!>.!)5. British Mk :i&i :i03 Lee-rifles. Excellent. -$10.95. Swedish Mod. 9(i 0.5mm rifles. Excellent—$27-50. German Mod. 9S Snim rifles. Very good—$37.50. Excellent- 12.5(1. G-13 iSmm Mauser 10 shot semi-automatic rilies. ( -$«».00. Egyptian 8mm Mauser 10 shot semi-c rilies. Very good—$60.50. Israeli Mod. OS Smut rifles (Czech made). Excellent--$49.50. U.S. 30-06 rilies. Excellent -$3!>.50. U.S. 45-70 Springfield ery Rood—$32.50. .lap 7.7mm Arisaka rifles. Prime. Excellent—$18.0(1. Jap 7.7 Arisaka rifles. •w. Excellent—$15.00. Money hack guarantee, n list. Freedland Arms Co., 34 Park Row, New Y.

UK El'AID SHIPMENTS. Prompt Service on all cash orders. Br ice Glove $(): 10-X Coat $20; I0-X Glove $5; Oster Mat $11.55; Badger Kit $11.¡15; Winchester, Rem-inglon, RSA Martini. Arischutz. and most other brands target and sporting rifles and shotguns; gunsigilts; telescopes, spotting scopes; complete Freeland line. Shoot in" Shop. Dept. C, Box Oklahoma City.

GAHAND Ml I) SNIPER Rifle barrels, finest accuracy, Govt. made, fit any Garand, ready to use. new, onh $ii.75. Complete P103A3 holt $6.05. .22 M2 Springfield boll head, $1.90. Parts list 15c, .22 M2 Springfield. Garand, Carbine, M l!Hi:>. 15/70 Springfield. Valley Forge Arms Co., 228 Crooked Lane King of Prussia, Pa.

SHOOTING AMMO Specials" . . . priced per 100 rds.: 45/70 Smokeless . . . $8.00; .303 British . . . $8.00; 30/06 . . . $7.50. Shipped Express. 500 nl. orders prepaid. Westchester Trading, G-2478 Arthur Avenue, Bronx 58. New York.

RIFLES. 303 BRITISH Enllelds. as issued, good condition. $23.00. .303 British Military Cartridges, $10.00 per 100. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. 16th Street. Philadelphia 2. Pa.

.38 S\-W AMMUNITION ('LEAN. Fresh Loaded in once fired cases. Packed 50 in attractive boxes, $20. for 50U, $37.50 for 1,000. Lcmmons Am munition Service, Smith' ville, Texas.

COLT FRONTIERS, Colt and Remington percussion re-volwrs, Win. Lever actions pint, many other Modern ami Antirpic Guns. Will Trade, Stamp for list, Chet Fulmcr (Guns), Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

SMITH & WESSON. 22 Cal.. brand new. model 41, target automatic!. $110.00. Fully engraved model. $285.00. Public Sport Shops, 11 S. Kith Street. Philadelphia 2. Pa.

FACTORY 38SPL. WC ammo. 10 boxes $30.011 prepaid P38 excellent $39.50. Lugcr excellent 85(1.50. Jell' Trader. Pocomoke City. Maryland.

U.S. 30-06 EN FI ELDS. EXCELLENT—*3!i,50. Free list. Freedland Arms Co., 34 Park Row, New York, X. Y.

BRITISH MK. 5 303 Lee-Enfield jungle carbines. Excellent — $2-1.95. Free List. Al's Gunroom, l Beekman Street, New York. X. Y.

HAXliGUNS-NEW enlarged 1959 catalog 00c. Robert !• rielich, 39o Broome St., New York 13. N. Y.

M-I CARBINES $100. AMMUNITION. $8/100. Garanda $12.). Sloper. Rimrock, Arizona.

SHOOTERS: If you are interested in learning Gunsmith-ing and are willing 10 spend a few hours in your home shop for a handsome, accurate .22 target pistol, send 4 cent stamp for complete information. P. O. Box 362, Terre Haute. Indiana.

LEARN GUN SMITH ING. America's oldest, most complete, 2-yr. course. Earn AAS Degree. Recommended by leading Firearms Companies. Modern Equipment. Compel en I Instructors. A'A approval. Trinidad State Jr. College, Dept. GM, Trinidad. Colorado.

BLOCK STOCK ING. REBROWN & Reh lue. Repair all Make Shotguns <Sr Rifles. Frank LeFevcr & Sons, Inc., Custom Gunsmiths. Frankfort, New York.

GENERAL GUNSMITHING—Repairing, rebluing. conversion work, parts made. Inquiries invited. Bald Rock Gun Shop, Berry Creek. Calif.

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