British Parkerhale Ltd Lee Enfield Sprters

(Stock No R59B)

$34.95 (with 4X scope mounted, foresighted) Stock No. R59 BW


Stock No. R52CW with U S made adjustable 4X rifle scope, mounted and boresighted. $34.95 303 Caliber Jungle Carbine Enfield No. 5 developed for rough usage and bitter fighting in jungles of 8urma, Borneo, and Malaya. First rate condition.

Sold previously high as $100. Special refinements lhat give distinctive silhouette are Jungle Flash hider. sporting nfle type stock and built-in rubber butt plate! Precision calibrated Enfield sights. Only military weapon ever made with lines and fast handling Qualities of a modern sporting rille. 10-shot boll action repeater 100 rds. Military target ammo. $7.50; 40 rds. Softnose hunting ammo. $5.90

(Stock No R59B)

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