(Stock No. T7A) Select Specimen (Stock No. T78)

Model new service heavy frame made lo .45 Long Colt Cal. 6" barrels. The most rugged American revolver ever built. State trooper favorite. Add $5 for specially selected exterior. Fires .45 Long Colt Ammo, available everywhere.

These have been sporterized by Parker-Hale, Ltd famous old English gun smithing firm from choice Royal Ordnance Enfields They are slim, light and fast handling with all new blueing on the metal If done in this country, this job-would cost you another $20 Take a look, our money-back guarantee applies 100% .303 target ammo, 100 rds. $7.50 303 softpoint. 40 rds. $5.90 t

Lyman —, ,,,, mlrd. directly from Lyman Alaskan patterns to most exact mc gov't specifications. Coated lenses, post reticule, positive internal windage & elevation adjustments with water proof covers, tube '/»" (22mm). A S69.S0 value. Condition uied. guar, mechanically, optically perfect Slock No. 82A M82 Scope. $29.95, Stock No. B2B. A few apparently unused. S44.S0. USED REDFIELD RINGS tO FIT M82. S4.9S pr.: NEW REDFIELD BASES. ALL POP.

RIFLES. $7.50 ea. USED G.I CARRYING CASE FOR M82 SCOPE 95c ea GRIFFIN & HOWE USED MOUNTS AN0 1% RINGS FOR MIC (Garand) (for above scope) S9.9S.

Bases for these mounts may be obtained from Griffin & Howe in New York


Stock No. B3A German ZF4 Scope for K or G43 semi auto rifles. Limited supply. Complete with mount. Brand new. Complete with rubber eyepiece, front eyeshade & eyepiece cap assembly. Sorry, no extra mounts available. Complete $49.95. NEW K43 MAGAZINES ... $7.95 ea. ppd.


$2,00 postpaid

288 page mammoth book with thousands of rare rifles, flintlocks, pistols, plus famous swords and daggers. Plus 1000 terms firearms and parts glossary. The greatest encyclopedia of rare firearms ever compiled. ALL GUNS FOR SALE. Over 400 years of firearms' history from every country in the world Order first edition for your library now!

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