MARLIN MICRO-POWER SCOPES in both 4X and 1V2X power. 4X has 30-foot field view, eye relief 4 inches; 2ViX, 46-foot field view, eye relief 31/2 to 41/2. Both are of lightweight construction, cannot rust or corrode. Coated lenses, standard cross-hair reticules, sunshades. Marlin Micro-Power Scopes come complete with mounts at no extra charge, a saving of S9.75. Both scopes are unconditionally guaranteed for a lifetime. Retail price: 4X—S49.95, 2V2X—S44.95**. You save up to S24.30 when bought in combination with 336 Marlin High-Powered Rifles and Carbines.

MODEL 57 LEVER-ACTION .22. 22-inch Micro-Grooved barrel, weight 6 pounds, length 41 inches. Tubular feed magazine holds 26 shorts, 20 longs and 18 long rifle cartridges. Shipped with adapter base for tip-off-type scope mounts. Bishop style American Walnut stock, Monte Carlo comb. Receiver drilled and tapped for standard receiver peep sights. Open rear sight, ramp front sight with hood. Automatic side ejection. Price S49.95**. Down Payment S5.00

MODEL 99 SEMI-AUTOMATIC .22. Chambered for. 22 long rifle cartridges only. Carbine-style tube magazine, capacity 18 LR cartridges. Length 41 inches, 22-inch Micro-Grooved barrel. Side ejection, solid receiver top, drilled and tapped for adapter base for tip-off scope mounting, drilled and tapped for standard receiver sights. American Walnut stock, new cross-bolt safety. Weight 514 pounds. Price $39.95 **. Down Payment $4.0«

"Patent applied for. ^Slightly higher west of the Rockies. Subject to change without notice.

THE "OLYMPIC" .410 SHOTGUN BY MARLIN. Bolt action single shot .410 shotgun chambered for 2>/2-inch and three-inch shells. Automatic safety cannot be put off until breech bolt is closed and fully locked. Genuine American Walnut stock. Barrel length 24-inches, bored to full choke. Over-all length of gun 41 inches, weight approximately 5 pounds according to density of wood. Available with 12-inch trigger pull for junior shooters. America's lowest-priced .410 shotgun!

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