2901 El Camino Real Palo Alto, California

These shotgun barrels should cause one at R these prices! ABOUT 82% DISCOUNT—buy an extra, ideal for slug & brush work, 20" I cyl. bore, all 12 ga., new, blued, Winchester Mdl. 12 $4.95

O (Those can be converted to take down Mdl. 97 by lisht lathe cut)

Winchester Mdl. '97 solid frame----$4.95

GARAND BARREtS—Very good to exc. S9.95ea. LYMAN 57A REAR SIGHTS— ij«i3


SAVE $8.25 in lots of 75

.50 Cal. bronze brushes for serious cleaning. The extra size makes denning bores fast & "easy. For all standard rods. Long Lasting, lio blushes 51.75; 75 brushes 33.00.

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