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and less velocity for heavy game. The man used to a bolt action, however, who wants even more power than the .458 Winchester and flat trajectory, will do well to consider the .460 Weatherby. Personally, I prefer double rifles for dangerous game and would much prefer my .577-100-750 H & H ejector with 25" barrels and its fast top safety to any big bolt, gun—and the good Lord knows I have shot about all of them. John Bnh-miller, on the other hand, has used a bolt gun almost exclusively for so long, he said he was sure he would reach for the bolt after the first shot even if he had a big double.

The fact remains that these big bolt guns can be muzzle braked to greatly reduce the recoil. Buhmiller makes a muzzle brake with a slot in the lop for the front sight, and this makes up into a much neater brake than most conventional types. It looks more like a part of the rifle, and is not so long and cumbersome. The one objectionable feature, to me. is the fact that the muzzle brake throws the muzzle blast back in one's ears. If this doesn't bother you. then one of the big caliber bolt guns with a muzzle brake should suit you.

Buhmiller is now going to make up a .500 bore from the big Weatherby case, using the 570 grain solids and 100 grains of 3031.

New Hornady .458" Bullets

J. W. Hornady, maker of some of the finest soft-nose and solids in 300 grain weight for the .375 Magnum (also in .220 grain weight for the .30 calibers), is now out with a 500 grain soft-nose for the .458 Winchester and all other .450 caliber rifles. Like all his soft-nose products, this bullet has a good heavy jacket of gilding metal. His 500 grain solid, another recent addition to his line, has a copper coated, very heavy steel jacket like his excellent 220 grain .30 and 300 grain .275 caliber.

Hornady's 300 grain .375 Magnum steel jacketed solid lias performed very well for picked shots on elephant, and his new steel jacketed solid in the .458 Winchester and other .450 caliber magnum rifles, including the new .460 Weatherby, will be just the ticket for any of the heavy pachyderms or for deep penetration on buffalo. The new bullets are superbly finished and there are no culls among them. They shoot like match bullets and each and every one can be depended on.

Price of the soft-nose is $14.00 per hundred in 500 grain, and of the steel jacketed solid in 500 grain. $20 per hundred. I can heartily recommend both types for all users of the .458 Winchester, .450 Magnums, and Weatherby's so-called .460 Magnum which is also .458 caliber.

Jackets o f the .458 500 grain solids will be .075" thick, coaled with copper for protection of the lands. These steel jacket solids are a blessing best appreciated by anyone who has had cupronickle jacketed solids break up on buffalo, rhino, etc. Certain, deep penetration is absolutely necessary for success on this heavy game, and only steel jackets can be depended on.

Anderol Preservatives and Lubricants

We have recently tested some new Anderol products. One is a spray-on preservative for any iron or steel. To completely coat a (Continued on page 66)

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